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Q: What quadrilateral has 2 angles of 45 135 45 135 degrees?
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What is the missing angle of a quadrilateral with a 135-degree angle?

If it is a 4-sided parallelogram, then its interior angles are 135, 135, 45 and 45 degrees because opposite angles are equal and the 4 angles add up to 360 degrees.

Do the diagonals bisect angles in a quadrilateral?

There are 4 angles in quadrilateral. 2 angles bisected would yield 2 each 45 degrees angles (or less) and the other 2 angles would yield (bisected ) 45 degrees (or more)!

Does a quadrilateral sides equal 45 degrees?

Angles are measured in degrees, not sides.

The supplementary angle of 45 degree angle has how many degrees?

135 degrees. Supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees so the supplementary to 45 is 180 - 45 =135.

What quadrilateral has 45 and 135 angles?

Many different quadrilaterals can have those angles. Depending upon the lengths of the sides, where the angles are and how many pairs of parallel sides it has, it could be: A cyclic quadrilateral, a trapezium, a parallelogram or a rhombus.

If a rhombus has one angle that measures 45 degrees and a perimeter of 80 ft what are the remaining angles?

Opposite angle is 45 degrees and the other 2 angles are both 135 degrees the perimeter has nothing to do with the angles.

What is the interior and exterior angles of a regular 8 sided polygon?

Interior angle: 135 degrees Exterior angle: 45 degrees

What is the supplement of 135 degrees?

It is: 45 degrees because 135+45 = 180 degrees

What are the angles of a regular octagon not including right and acute and abtouse angles?

Each exterior angle is 45 degrees Each interior angle is 135 degrees

Supplement of 45?

135 degrees is the supplement of 45 degrees. When you minus 45 degrees from 180 degrees you will get 135 degrees which is the supplement angle of 45 degrees.

What is the supplement of 45 degree?

The complement is 45 degrees. The supplement is 135 degrees.

What are the inside angles of an isosceles trapezoid when its smallest angle is one third the size of its biggest angle showing work with explanations?

Let the biggest angle be x:- If: 1/3x+1/3x+x+x = 360 degrees Then: 2x and 2/3x or 8/3x = 360 degrees So: x = 360 divided by 8/3 => 135 degrees Therefore the four angles are: 45+45+135+135 = 360 degrees Note that an isosceles trapezoid is a 4 sided quadrilateral with a pair of opposite parallel lines of diferent lengths and equal length slanted sides with its base angles being equal making its 4 inside angles adding uo to 360 degrees in common with other quadrilaterals.