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A parallelogram, a rhombus, kites, arrowheads, trapezium and irregular quadrilaterals.

However, some kites, arrowheads, trapezium and irregular quadrilaterals can have one (or more) right angles.

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Q: What quadrilateral has no right angles?
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What is a quadrilateral with 4 right angles?

A quadrilateral with 4 right angles is a rectangle

A quadrilateral with no right angles is?

a quadrilateral with no right angle is?

Do all quadrilateral have right angles?

No because a quadrilateral has 4 sides but doesn't have to have right angles. For example the. Trapezoid doesn't,t have right angles but it is a quadrilateral

Which quadrilateral has 4 right angles is not quadrilateral?

If it is a quadrilateral it cannot be "not a quadrilateral"!

Does a quadrilateral have 4 right angles?

yes a quadrilateral does have 4 right angles

Does a quadrilateral have right angles?

yes 4 right angles

What is a quadrilateral with all of whose angles are right?

A quadrilateral having four right angles is called a rectangle.

A quadrilateral with four right angles is a?

A rectangle is a quadrilateral with four right angles True (Apex)

What is the most right angle quadrilateral can have?

A quadrilateral can have four right angles.

Which quadrilateral has four right angles?

A quadrilateral with four right angles is a rectangle. If all its sides are the same then it is a square.

What is the name of the Quadrilateral with only right angles?

A quadrilateral is any shape with four sides; angles can be acute or obtuse. A perfect square is the only quadrilateral with only right angles.

Quadrilateral with no right angles?

A quadrilateral with no right-angles would be a rhombus (or parallelogram) A rhombus has four sides, with opposite corner angles equal.

Can a quadrilateral kite have right angles?


What does a rectangle have that a quadrilateral does not?

Right angles.

What is a quadrilateral with for right angles?

a square

Is a square quadrilateral with no right angles?


Do a quadrilateral 4 right angles?


What is the maximum number or right angles possible in a quadrilateral shape which is not a square?

All quadrilateral have four angles. It is possible that all four angles are right angles, even if the quadrilateral is not a square (this would be a rectangle).

What is a quadrilateral with no equal sides and 4 right angles called?

It's impossible for a quadrilateral to have no equal sides and have right angles.

Does quadrilateral have to have right angles?

No, if it has right angles it is a special case, such as rectangle, but in general it does not have to have any right angles

What quadrilateral that all angles are right angles?

A rectangle or square.

Does a scalene quadrilateral have right angles?

NO that is defo the right answer

Does a irregular quadrilateral have right angles?

An irregular quadrilateral doesn't need to have any right angles. It's possible for it to have one or two right angles, but no more than two of them.

What quadrilateral does not have 4 right angles?

NO quadrilateral has, except rectangles and squares.

Can you draw a quadrilateral that has three right angles?

The sum of the interior angles of a quadrilateral is 360 degrees. If three of the angles are right angles, that is, of 90 degrees each, the the fourth must be 90 degrees. So you can have a quadrilateral with three right angles but its fourth angle will also be a right angle. So exactly 3 right angles is not possible.