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Q: What quadrilaterals must have all four sides of the equal length?
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What quadrilateral has four equal sides?

The only quadrilaterals that have all sides an equal length are a square abd a rhombus.

What does a rhombus and square share?

They are both quadrilaterals having four sides of equal length.

Are all quadrilaterals also squares?

No. A quadrilateral is any four-sided figure. The sides do not have to be of equal length, and the angles do not have to be right angles. So, all squares are quadrilaterals because they have four sides), but not all quadrilaterals are squares.

What has four sides that are the same length?

A square and a rhombus both are quadrilaterals that have sides that are the same length.

What are the name of two quadrilaterals in which all the sides have equal length?

First of all, quadrilaterals are just shapes with 4 sides! The word "quadrilateral" comes from the Spanish word "cuatro" which means four. One shape that has all sides equal length and is a quadrilateral is a square. Another one is a rhombus. Because it has 4 equal sides that are the same length. That easy! I hope this helps!

A rhombus that is not a kite?

A rhombus and kite are different quadrilaterals. All four sides of a rhombus are of equal length: this is not necessary for a kite.

Do quadrilaterals have equal sides?

Simpy, some do and some don't. Quadrilaterals are any four sided figure. A square has all four sides equal, while a rectangle and a trapazoid have 2 sets of equal sides.

What has four sides of equal length?

A Square has four equal length sides

Do parallelograms have four equal sides?

No but they are 4 sided quadrilaterals.

Is a square like a rectangle?

A square has four equal length sides, a rectangle is a four sided shape with potentially different length sides --------------------- A rectangle can have sides of at most two different lengths and opposite sides must be equal. Also, both have four right angles, both have diagonals of equal length that bisect one another. Both (by virtue of being right angled) are cyclic quadrilaterals.

Is a square a rhumbos?

No but they are both 4 sided quadrilaterals * * * * * Also, both have all four sides of equal length. And, the word is a rhombus, not rhumbos!

Which quadrilaterals do not have four sides of equal length?

Any quadrilateral qualifies as long as it is neither an equilateral trapezoid nor a rhombus. (That includes not a square.)