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10 4, 15 6, just multiply it by a number

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Q: What ratio forms a proportion with 5 2?
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Related questions

Which ratio forms a proportion with 12 over 20?

12/20 = 3/5

Which ratio can form a porportion with 5 over 7?

There are many ratios that form a proportion 5/7. For instance: 5/7 = 10/14 So any ratio that forms a proportion with 5 over 7 is 5k1/(7k2) where k1 = k2, and k1, k2 are any real values.

What is divine proportion in math?

The divine proportion, also known as the Golden Ratio and symbolised by the Greek letter, phi, is [1+sqrt(5)]/2 = 1.6180, approx.

How is the golden ratio derived?

The golden ratio (golden section) is the division of a line so that the whole is to the greater part as that part is to the smaller part (i.e., in a ratio of 1 to 1/2 (√5 + 1)), a proportion that is considered to be particularly pleasing to the eye.

What is another name for the ratio that is approximately 1.618?

The Golden Ratio or the Divine Proportion. It is, in fact 0.5*(1+sqrt(5))

Are all American flags required to be a standard proportion or ratio of length to width?

Virtually all national flags have a stipulated length/width ratio, usually 2:1, 3:2, or 5:3. The US flag ratio is 1.9:1 ( one point [decimal] nine to one).

What does the term is to mean in math?

"Is to" usually indicates a ratio or a proportion. 5 is to 10 as 9 is to 18.

Maths questions on ratio and how to solve them?

You can't answer a ratio but you can put numbers in ratio form like the numbers 5 and 2. This is how you put those numbers in ratio form,5:2, 5 to 2, or 5 over 2. The reason you put the 5 in front of the 2 is because, the the question asked 5 and 2 not 2 and 5.

What is a comparison of 2 numbers by division?

It's a ratio. It can be written three different ways:A fraction: 3/5Using the word to: 3 to 5Using a colon: 3:5Such a comparison is referred to as a ratio, or a proportion.

Is the ratio 12 to 5 equivalent to 5 to 17?

No, it is not equivalent. Think of it this way. If you had £12 and I had £5 then you would have money in the ratio of 12 to 5 compared to me. If you then only had £5 and I had £17 (which represents the new ratio of 5 to 17) you would not agree that this was equivalent as a proportion (you would rightly feel that you had lost out)!

How is a rate different than a ratio?

the rate of something is the amount or speed of it, whereas the ratio is the proportion of one thing to another, like for example if there was 15 sweets in a bag; 10 red and 5 blue, so the ratio of red sweets to blue would be 2 to 1. Kthanks.

Is the ratio 2 to 5 equal to the ratio 5 to 2?

yes the ratio 2 to 5 is equal to 5 to 2 * * * * * No, they are not equal. That is like saying that two is equal to a half!

How do you write 5 over 2 as a ratio?

just write the fraction 5/2, that is a ratio.

What is a ratio written as in digits?

The ratio "two to five" can be written as 2:5 or as 2/5.

How is 2 over 5 written as an proportion?

2/5 is the simplest way to write it.

What is the ratio 5 to 2 as a fraction?


What is the fraction of the ratio 2 to 5?


What is the fraction for 2 to 5 ratio?

It is 2/5.

What is the ratio of 432 and 1080?

Their ratio is 2 to 5.

What ratio is equivalent to the ratio 2 to 5?


What is 5 to 2 ratio?

A ratio of 2:5 implies seven equal parts. Therefore, the 2 represents 2/7, or two sevenths, and the 5 represents 5/7, or five sevenths.

What is the death rate of world war 1?

Soldiers: (ratio) 5:2 Public people: (ratio) 2:5

What is the proportion that has 12 to 15 as a ratio?

There are many examples: 4:5, 24:30, 36:45, or 48:60. Was this helpful?

What is the rise to run ratio of 2 units to 5 units?

The rise is 2 and the run is 5. The ratio is called the slope, which in this case is 2/5 or 0.4.

What is the ratio as a fraction?

It is simply another way of representing the number. The ratio 2:5 is just 2/5.