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A ratio is 100 percent when it is compared with itself. For example : 100 to 100, 50 to 50, etc.

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Q: What ratio is 100 percent?
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A percent is a ratio of a number to WHAT?

A percent is a ratio of a number to 100.

What is the ratio of 159 percent?

The ratio of 159 percent of 159 % is 159:100 or 159/100 or 159 to 100.

How do you do percent into ratio?

Any number of percent is the ratio of that number to 100.

What 100 percent is the ratio of?

It is the ratio of the whole; of 1.

What is the ratio to a percent 79 to 100?

79/100*100=79% 79:100 will be the correct ratio.

What is 68 percent as a ratio?

68 percent as a ratio is 68/100 or 17/25.

What is a ratio with a denominator of 100?


What is the ratio of 177 of 100 as a percent?

The ratio of 177 to 100 is 1.77 and, as a percentage, that is 177%

What is 48 percent as a ratio?

48% as a ratio = 48 : 100

What is 3 percent as a ratio?

3% is 3:100 as a ratio

What is the ratio of percent of 12.5 per 100?

The percent of 12.5 per 100 is 12.5% The ratio of 12.5% is 125/1000 = 1/8

How do you change a ratio with any denominator to a percent?

Multiply the ratio by 100.

What is the ratio to a percent 87 to 100?

87% 100 of 87

How are percents and ratio different?

A ratio can have any denominator. In a percent the denominator is implicitly 100 and only the numerator is mentioned. So 35 percent is the same as the ratio 35/100 or the ratio 7/20.

How is a percent related to a ratio other than because there are all numbers?

A percent IS a ratio where the denominator (or second part of the ratio) is 100.

A ratio comparing a number to 100?


What is the ratio of 36 percent?

36 out of 100

What is 77 percent as a ratio?


What the ratio of 91 percent?


What is 23 percent into a ratio?

23 : 100

What is the ratio of 48 percent?

It is 48/100.

What is ratio of 32 percent?

It is 32/100.

What is the ratio for 40 percent?

It is 40/100.

What is the ratio of 6 percent?


How do you write a ratio as a percent?

A percent is a number relative to 100. Therefore, we want the number 100 in the ratio. In order to do that, we need to multiply BOTH numbers in the ratio by a number so that the second number of the new ratio is equal to 100. The first number of the new ratio is the percent. For example: 4:5 = [4*20]:[5*20] = 80:100 = 80%