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A rectangle can't have four equal sides.

That previous answer is incorrect. The rhyme "all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares" can help you. The correct answer is a square.

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Q: What rectangle has for equal sides?
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How many equal sides does rectangle have?

A rectangle has two pairs of equal sides. In a rectangle, the equal sides are opposite of each other. A square has four equal sides.

How do a rectangle with four equal sides look like?

A rectangle with four equal sides would not be a rectangle, it would be a square. In a rectangle opposite sides are equal in length and are parallel.

Does a rectangle always have equal sides?

Opposite sides of a rectangle must always be equal.

Why is a square both a rectangle and a rhombus?

A rectangle is an oblong, as its sides are not equal. A square has equal sides. Therefore, a square is not a rectangle. A rhombus is a parallelogram with oblique angles and equal sides.

Is a rectangle a square or a square a rectangle?

A square is rectangle with all its sides are equal in length. The rectangle has: (a) opposites sides are parallel. (b) opposite angles are equal

Is a square a rectangle and is a rectangle a square?

A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn't necessarily a square. A square can be thought of as a "special" rectangle, where all sides are equal. The similarity is that all rectangles have 4 angles each of 90o However a Square has 4 sides equal length while a Rectangle has 4 sides with opposite sides of equal length. The clever observer will note that the adjacent sides of a square are equal while the adjacent sides of a rectangle may or may not be equal. yes it is

Does a rectangle have 4 equal sides and it's opposite sides are parallel and has no right angle?

a rectangle does not have four equal sides and its opposite sides are equal and has four right angles

Does a rectangle have all equal sides?

no it does not but it has two pairs of parallel lines. A square has all equal sides. A rectangle has 2 pairs of equal sides though!

You are a special rectangle all of my sides are equal?

The fact that all of YOUR sides are equal tells me nothing about what is special about ME, as a rectangle!

What is a rectangle with four equal sides and angles?

A rectangle with 4 equal sides and angles is often called a square.

Can a rectangle be a rhombus explain it?

No. A rectangle has two pairs of equal sides. A rhombus has all four sides equal.

How might a square and a rectangle be different?

A square has all sides equal. A rectangle has two sets of equal sides.