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Q: What regular polygon has 6 lines of symmetry?
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Which regular polygon has 6 lines of symmetry?


What shape has 6 lines of symmetry?

A hexagon is the simplest shape, and the only regular polygon, with 6 lines of symmetry.

How many lines of symmetry does regular hexagon have?

A regular 6 sided hexagon has 6 lines of symmetry

Axis of symmetry in a 6 polygon?

An irregular hexagon has no axes of symmetry. A regular hexagon, on the other hand, has 6 axes of symmetry: three lines joining the midpoints of opposite sides, and three lines joining opposite vertices.

How many symmetry lines does a hexagon have?

if it is a regular hexagon then it has 6 lines of symmetry

What prediction can be made about the number lines of symmetry in a polygon that has 6 sides of the same length?

It will have six lines of symmetry.

A regular polygon has 6 axes of symmetry. name this shape?

It is a regular 6 sided hexagon

How many lines of symmetry does hexagon have?

if it's a regular hexagon it has 6 lines of symmetry

How many line of symmetry does a hexagon have?

A hexagon need not have any lines of symmetry. Or, it can have just one line of symmetry. A regular hexagon has six lines of symmetry, including three along the lines bisecting the angles and three along the lines formed by bisecting the sides. A regular hexagon has a rotational order of 6.

How many lines of symmetry has a regular polygon have?

It depends on the type of regular polygon Triangle: 3 Quadrilateral (square) : 4 Pentagon: 5 Hexagon: 6 Heptagon: 7 Nonagon: 9 Decagon: 10

How many lines does a regular hexagon have?

Has 6 lines of symmetry

How many lines of symmetry does a hexagonal prism have?

Regular polygons have lines of symmetry equal to the number of sides/angles that they possess so a hexagon would have 6 lines of symmetry. (: * * * * * However, the question is not about a polygon but a polyhedron! A prism with regual hexagonal bases has six lines of symmetry at the bases, but it also has a line of symmetry along the centre of its length. Furthermore, there are infinitely many lines of symmetry in the plane that divides it halfway along its length.