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Both the Journal and the Ledger are the two most important books used under the Double Entry System of "Book-Keeping".

The relationship between the "Journal & Ledger" could be expressed as follows:

Journal is the book of first or original entry - since all the Business Transactions are recorded first of all in the "Journal".

While the "Ledger" is the book of second entry - since the transactions are "Posted" to the "Ledger" from the Journal.

The Journal records tranasactions in "Chronological order", while the Ledger records the transactions in analytical order.

The Journal is more reliable than Ledger since it is the book in which the entry is entered first.

The process of recording transations is termed as "Journalising" while the process of recording transactions in the Ledger is called as "Posting".

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Q: What relationship between the journal and the ledger?
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What record that contains all accounts of company?

general ledger, general journal, special ledger, special journal, column balance ledger.

What a journal?

A journal is a magazine. Or for accounting it is a ledger book.

Examples of creditors ledger and a creditors journal?

creditors journal

Which ledger account is affected by an overcast inward journal?

sales ledger

Why a cashbook is called Journalised ledger?

Cash book is a journal because the transactions are recorded in it for the first time from the source of document and from journal these transactions are posted to the respective account in the ledger. We can say cash book is a ledger also in the sense that it serves the purpose of cash account also.As such cash book is journal as well as ledger, and hence it may call journalised ledger.

How do you spell ledger?

The is the correct spelling of ledger, typically a financial record or journal.

The procedure of transferring journal entries to the ledger accounts is called?

The whole process of transferring entries from journal to ledger is called posting process.

Which journal produced from the general ledger that is used as an output report?

Payroll journal

How do you correct in the journal?

to correct an error made in the journal ( prior to posting in the ledger)

Copy data from the journal to the ledger?


Is cash book is a journal or ledger?

It is both. As cash transactions are handled by the cashier directly, it can be construed as journal. However as the total of cash transactions are taken to the day's journal , it can also be construed as ledger.

The process of posting is associated most closely with the?

transferring journal entries to ledger accounts