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New York Settlers ReligionThey were either Puritans, Quakers, Protestants, or Lutheran

And also Morgans

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Q: What religions were the settlers of New York?
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Who were the earliest settlers in New York state?

the earliest settlers in New York state was Adam sandler

What were the dscriptions of new york before the settlers came?

describe new york before settlers came

What statements best explains the religions practiced by the settlers of New France and New England?

Settlers in New France were Catholic, while settlers in New England were Puritan.

Where did the settlers from New York come from and why?

The New York settlers came from all over Europe in hopes for a better life.

How many religions does New York has?

I think that there are 24 religions.

What are the religions of New York?

New York, particularly Queens, NYC, is a microcosm of the world's peoples therefore the world's religions.

What religion were the New York settlers?

New York Settlers ReligionThey were either Puritans, Quakers, Protestants, or Lutheran And also Morgans

Who first settled in New York?

No, the Dutch were the first settlers of New York.

Where were the first settlers of New York from?


Who were the initial settlers of New York?

The Dutch.

Who were the 1st settlers of New York?


What state had settlers from the Netherlands?

New York.

How did the dutch settlers originally name New York city?


What are New York religions?

joto maricon

What are some events in the new york colony?

the dutch settlers arrived in New York in 1624.

What religions were in the province of New York?

Religions of Province New York were: Quakers, Catholics, Lutheran's, Jews, And so many more. New york was open to all relions. They were 100% religion tolerant!

What influence did the settlers have on the colony of New York?

the settlers in the colony of new york was offered water front houses of land and money for every settler that you bring with you to the colony.the duke of york sent out fliers to all the europeans in the country.stating that if u take this voyage you will get this and that.that is what influenced settlers to come to new york

Where did the settlers in colonial New York york come from?

ether England or erope

What did the first New York settlers wear?


Did the New York settlers get along with the Indians?


What groups of people where in New York when the first settlers came?

the native americans of the new york area

Founding nation for New York?

New York CITY???? Holland. The Dutch were the first settlers and it was known as New Amsterdam.

What were the religions of new york in the 1600s?

free religion

What did the settlers name the new colony of present day new york?

New Amsterdam

What was New York first called when the Dutch settlers arrived?

New Amsterdam