What scale is used for the line plot?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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The scale that you find appropriate. If you have a plot of line distances between cities for example you may use a scale 100000 to 1.

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Q: What scale is used for the line plot?
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What is the range and scale of a line plot?

the range is highest subtracting the lowest number hope this helps:)

What is plot line?

A line plot is a graph used to show frequency of data along a number line. You should use a line plot with less than 25 numbers to compare.

What is the scale of a number line?

The scale is the maximum of the total number line and is used to create the base of the question and number line.

What is a line plot used for?

to show data in symbols.

What are the differences between line graph and line plot?

On a line graph, the points are connected by a line. Hence the name 'line graph". A line plot is, A line plot can be used as an initial record of discrete data values. The range determines a number line which is then plotted with X's for each data value.

What does line plot mean?

A line plot is used to organize data while it is being collected. It is a type of graph that uses a number line to show the frequency of data.

What graph is used to graph intervals of numbers?

a line plot

What graph is used for comparisons?

a bar graph or line plot

What kind of data would a line plot be used for?

I think line plots are used to collect a numerous of data.

What is a line scale?

A line scale is a tool used on many maps to show the relativity of distance of the map compared to actual mileage. A line scale consists of a long straight line often located in the map key.

What is an box an whisker plot?

A box and whisker plot is a sort of graph used to show a period of time such as a time line or a line graph. To really found out what a box and whisker plot is you should ask a teacher

What is the meaning of line plot in math?

a line plot is a line that shows arrays on a line. you get data based on it.