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Q: What season comes before autumm?
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How do you spell autumm?

The correct spelling of the season (fall) is autumn.

Fall is to summe as Monday is to?

Sunday that is, one is the season that comes before and the other is the day that comes before.

What is autumm in french?


What season comes just before winter?

autumn Actually winter is the season before spring then comes summer then autum and so forth.Winter...

What season comes after winter and before summer?

fall, a.k.a. autumn

What is the spring?

Spring is a season that comes after winter and before summer that is spring.

What would take less time an ice cube melting or a tree losing all its leaves in autumm?

a tree losing all its leaves in autumm

What does autumm mean?

it means, it would help if you learnt to spell.;) And autumn is The third season of the year, between summer and winter, whre the leaves turn brown and red xx <3

What is the first day of autumm called in astronomy?

The autumnal equinox.

What season comes before autumn?

Fall. Anyone would know that. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

What season takes place in the southern hemisphere at this time?

It is in spring!

What seasons comes autumn?

The season winter comes after the season autumn.