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The acceleration is in the direction of the positive force so you will have deceleration in the direction of the negative force.

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Q: What shall you do when you find the value of driving force is negative?
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Why the gravitational force is a negative value?

Convention - movement that decreases the distance between bodies is deemed to be negative.

Is the gravity value positive or negative when an object falls on the ground?

The force of gravity is positive; there is no negative gravity.

What is a negative correlation mean?

A negative correlation highlights the similarity of opposites. In a negative correlation, as the value of variable a increases, the value of variable b decreases. It can work the other way too, as the value of a decreases, the value of b increases. A negative correlation is also routinely referred to as an inverse. For instance, every time a person goes to jail, there is one less person in the work force. Therefore, incarceration rates, and work force numbers have an inverse relationship.

What is the value of negative 9?

negative nine is the value of negative nine

Why does the expression -a does not always represent a negative number?

* If "a" is positive, "-a" is negative.* If "a" is negative, "-a" is positive. * If "a" is zero, "-a" is zero. If you want to force a negative number, you can write -|a|, i.e., the negative of the absolute value.

What is a negative value?

A value that is negative, e.g., -5.

What does a negative add a positive equal?

If the absolute value of the negative is bigger than that of the positive, then the answer is negative. If the absolute value of the negative is the same, then zero. If the absolute value of the negative is smaller, then positive. Absolute value is the value ignoring the sign.

Does a positive value multiplied by a negative value equal a positive?

No, the product of the multiplication of a positive and a negative value is negative.

Will a negative number to the fifth power be a positive or negative value?

The result will be a negative value.

Can an absolute value equal a negative?

An absolute value can not be negative.

Does a negative value multiplied by a negative value eguals a negative?

No, like signs multiply to positive, unlike to negative.

A positive number minus a negative number is?

If negative value>positive value then result is -ve If positve value>negative value then result is +ve