What shape 180?

Updated: 9/28/2022
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It could be the shape of a triangle because its 3 interior angles add up to 180 degrees

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Q: What shape 180?
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What is an example of a 180 degree shape?

A 180 Degree shape would be a line a straight line or diagnal like this: _____________

What shape has 2 right angles 2 acute angle?

No shape does. If a shape has four angles, the sum of the four angles is 360°. If two are right angles, their sum is 2 x 90° = 180°, leaving 360° - 180° = 180° for the two remaining angles. An acute angle is less than 90°, so the sum of two acute angles is less than 90° + 90° = 180°, but in this shape their sum must be equal to 180°; thus no shape can exist. If one angle is acute and the other is obtuse, then their sum can be 180° and the shape is a trapezium.

What does the Angles up to in an eight sided shape?

The internal angles of an n-sided shape add to (n-2)*180 degrees. So, for an 8-sided shape, they would add to 6*180 = 1080 degrees.

What shape is always 180 degrees?

a triangle.

What shape equals 180 degrees?


What shape is not equal to 180 degrees?

A circle.

What is the shape and bond angles for iodine?

the shape is linear and the bond angle is 180 degree

What shape has a total of 180 degrees in total?

a triangle

What is the interior angle of a 31 sided shape?

The formula for the sum of the interior angles of a shape with n sides is: 180 * (n - 2) So, for a 31 sided shape, the sum of the interior angles is 180 * 29 = 5,220.

What do the angles add up to in a seven sided shape?

900 degrees. (n-2)*180 = (7 - 2) * 180 = 5 * 180 = 900

What is the sum of the internal angles of a 10 sided shape?

It is (10 - 2)*180 = 8*180 = 1440 degrees.

What is the sum of the interior angles of a 13-sided shape?

(13-2)*180 = 11*180 = 1980 degrees.