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A dodecahedron is one of the Platonic Solids which has 12 pentagonal faces, 30 edges and 20 vertices

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Q: What shape has 12 pentagonal faces and 20 vertices?
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How many verticies are on a pentagonal decahedron?

A dodecahedron has 12 equilateral pentagonal faces. From this, it has 30 edges as well as 20 vertices in its shape.

How many sides does a pentadodecahedron?

It has 12 pentagonal faces and 12 vertices.

What is a shape called with 12 faces?

A Dodecahedron has 12 pentagonal faces.

How many edges does a 3D pentagonal have?

Faces= 2 edges=5 vertices=12 Faces= 2 edges=5 vertices=12

How many faces vertices's and edges dose a pentagonal pyramid have?

Number of faces= 7 Number of sides= 12 Number of vertices= 1

What shape has 7 vertices 7 faces and 12 edges?

Heptagonal prism * * * * * No, a heptagonal prism has 9 faces. The correct answer is a hexagonal pyramid.

What shape has 12 edges 6 faces and 8 vertices?

what shape has 6 faces,12 edges,and 8 vertices

What is a 3D five sided shape?

A 3D 5 sided shape is called a dodecahedron. It is a solid with 20 vertices, 30 edges and 12 equal pentagonal triangular faces.

What shape has 8 vertices's 12 edges and 6 faces?

It is a cuboid that has 8 vertices, 12 edges and 6 faces

What shape has 12 edges 6 faces and 6 vertices?

It is a cuboid that has 8 vertices, 12 edges and 6 faces

Shape 12 faces 8 vertices and 6 square faces?

A cube

What shape has eight faces 12 vertices and two of these faces are hexagons?

a hevortex

How many faces does a dodecahedron have?

A dodecahedron has 12 regular pentagonal faces, 20 vertices, and 30 edges. Three faces meet at each vertex.

What is the shape that has 12 vertices and 8 faces?

A hexagonal prism

What shape has 8 faces 18 edges and 12 vertices?

the shape that has 8 faces , 18 edges , and 12 vertices is simply a hexagonal prism not a pyramid my butt :P

How man vertices does an icosahedron have?

Icosahedron are a shape with 20 faces, 30 edges and 12 vertices. All the faces are triangles.

What shape has 12 vertices and 30 faces?

Not sure but it is NOT an icosahedron which has 20 faces, not 30.

How many Vertices does a pentagon have 3d?

12, if you mean a dodecahedron, a 3-d figure with only pentagonal faces.

Which shape had 12 edges and 6 faces?

A cuboid has 12 edges, 6 faces and 8 vertices

How many vertices does a docecahedron have?

A dodecahedron is a 3-dimensional shape with 12 (dodeca-) polygonal faces. There are more than 6 million different types of convex dodecahedra. For example, a hendecagon based (11-sided polygon) pyramid, which has 12 vertices;a decagon based prism, which has 20 vertices;a hexagon based dipyramid which has 8 vertices.Then there is the regular Platonic solid, made out of 12 regular pentagonal faces. This has 20 vertices.

What three d shape has twelve sides?

A dodecahedron has 12 identical pentagonal faces.

How many faces vertices and edges does a hexahedron have?

It is a solid shape with six faces. There are seven topologically distinct convex shapes and three concave ones. The faces can be triangles, quadrilaterals or pentagonal and the number of edges can range from 9 to 12. The number of vertices is 4 fewer than the number of edges.

What shape has 8 vertices 12 edges and 2 faces?

a cube

What shape has 7 faces and 12 edges and 7 vertices?


6 faces 12 edges 8 vertices What is the shape?