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An isosceles triangle has two equal sides and one different side.

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Q: What shape has 2 equal sides and 1 different side?
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What shapes do not have equal sides?

The shape that has not got equal side is a rectangle

Does a diamond shape have to have 4 equal sides?

when you say equal sides, if you mean by the length of each side, then yes

What do you call a shape with 2 pairs of equal side and no right angles?

It could be a kite or a rhombus. Or, of course, a pentagon with two pairs of equal sides and a different fifth side, or a hexagon, or, ...

What is a 4 sided shape with 2 equal sides and 2 equal sides with 1 angle on each side?

A square

A shape has equal side?

Here are three: equilateral triangle, square, and cube

What is a math trapezoids?

A "Math Trapazoid" is a shape that has 4 sides. There is 1 long side on the bottom, 1 medium sized side on the top, and 2 equal slanted sides on the sides of the shape.

Do the sides of a shape have to equal in order for it to be similar?

it has to have equal angles, not side lengths. otherwise it would just be two of the same shape

What is a shape which has 4 equal side but its opposite sides are parallel?

A square or rectangle.

What shape has 4 sides with equal lenths?

It is a square or a rhombus of which both have 4 equal side lengths.

What quadrilateral has 3 equal sides?

Many different types of quadrilaterals can have three equal side lengths. as long as it is a closed shape that has four sides, it is considered a quadrilateral, but not all quadrilaterals have names. A triangle with three equal side length would be called an equilateral triangle.

What shape has 2 pairs of equal sides and no right angles?

A shape that has 2 pairs of equal sides and no right angles is a kite or a parallelogram. In a parallelogram, each side is equal to the one directly opposite; in a kite, the equal sides are adjacent to one another.

How many shape have equal side?

Infinitely many. A polygon can have 3 or more sides - there is no upper limit. And for any number of sides, a regular polygon has equal sides.