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Q: What shape has 4 right angles 2 pairs of parallel sides 2 lines of symmetry and 2 longer lines and 2 shorter lines?
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What shape has 4right angles 2 pairs of parallel sides 2 lines of symmetry and 2 longer lines and 2 shorter lines?

A rectangle.

What are the properties of a kite?

The intersection of the diagonals of a kite form 90 degree (right) angles. This means that they are perpendicular. The longer diagonal of a kite bisects the shorter one. This means that the longer diagonal cuts the shorter one in half. It is a 4 sided quadrilateral Its 4 interior angles add up to 360 degrees It has no parallel sides Its adjacent sides are equal It has 1 pair of opposite angles that are equal It has 2 diagonals that intersect each other at right angles Its perimeter is the sum of its 4 sides Its area formula is: 0.5 times product of its diagonals

What 2d shape is 4 sided with 2 parallel sides?

A quadrilateral. (which may have a pair of parallel sides, or two pair, as follows:) If opposite sides are parallel and equal in length, but angles are not right angles, it is a rhombus. If opposite sides are parallel, all angles are right angles, but there are two sides longer than the other two, it is a rectangle. If all four sides are the same length, and all angles are 90°, it is a square. It is also a Trapezium e.g Rectangle.

What important property do the diagonals of a kite have?

The diagonals are perpendicular to one another. The shorter diagonal is bisected by the longer diagonal. The kite is symmetrical about the longer diagonal. The longer diagonal bisects the angles at each end of the diagonal.

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How many right angles are on a kite?

A kite need not have any right angles.It can have no right angles (the most common type of kite);It can have 1 right angle (where the two shorter sides, or the two longer sides meet); orIt can have 2 right angles (one between the two shorter sides, and one between the two longer sides)If it has 4 right angles it degenerates into a Rhombus as all four sides must be equal in length; but this rhombus with all four angles equal (at 90°) is called a Square.

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