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Q: What shape has 4 sides where 2 sides of equal length?
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What shape has 2 pairs of parallel sides 2 equal sides equal in length and 2 acute sides and 2 equal obtuse angles?

A parallelogram

What quadrilateral has 2 pairs of sides with equal length and 2 pairs of opposite parallel sides?

A parallelogram is such a shape.

You have 4 sides your opposite sides are equal in length you have 2 parallel sides you have no right angles what shape are you?


What shape has 2 pairs of parallel sides 2 pairs of sides of equal length and 4 right angles?


What shape has 2 pairs of equal length sides adjacent to each other?

That is a parallelogram.

What shape has all sides equal length 2 obtuse angles and 2 acute angles?

a rhombus

What shape has 3 sides with 2 of them the same length and 2 angles that are the same?

isosceles triangle has two sides equal in length and two angles of the same measure;

Is a trapiziod a regular shape?

If the 2 nonparallel sides are of equal length it is a regular trap. Otherwise it is not.

What is a 2-D shape with 4 equal-length sidesopposite sides parallel but no right angles?


What is a polygon with sides of equal length?

A polygon is any 2-dimensional shape with straight sides. Such a shape with sides of equal length would be called an equilateral polygon. If it is also convex (all the angles face the same way), then it would be called a regular polygon.

What 2D shape has four sides which are not equal in length that has 2 equal acute angles and 2 obtuse angles and has no lines of symmetry?


What shape has 2 pairs of parallel sides equal length of diagonals which do not cross at 90 degrees?

A rectangle has 2 pairs of parallel sides and its diagonals are of equal length but do not cross each other at 90 degrees