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A hexagon has six angles. A regular hexagon has six angles and each one is equal in measure to 120 degrees. 120 degrees is an obtuse angle.

Any regular polygon with at least 6 sides has at least 6 obtuse angles.

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Q: What shape has 6 obtuse angles?
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Related questions

What three-sided shape has two obtuse angles?

There is no three-sided shape with two obtuse angles, because the three interior angles of a three-sided shape, which is a triangle, add up to 180 degrees, and two obtuse angles would be over 180 degrees.

Do octagons have only obtuse angles?

No, not if it is a randomly-drawn 8-vertex shape. Octagons only have all- obtuse angles if it is a regular octagon, like the shape of a stop sign.

How many obtuse angles are there In a arrowhead?

It depends on they type of arrowhead you have. If it is a arrowhead in the shape of a directional arrow, there are no obtuse angles. The most possible obtuse angles is 1.

How many obtuse angles does an octahedron have?

An octahedron is a closed 3-d shape with 8 polygonal faces. There are 257 topologically different convex octahedra. In addition there are concave octahedra. Some of these will have no obtuse angles, others will have several.

Does a kite shape have obtuse angles?

2 obtuse and 2 acute in the classic kite shape.

What shape has 3 right angles and 1 obtuse angle and 1 acute angle?

There is no polygonal shape which has exactly those angles. It is possible for a concave polygon with 6 or more vertices to have the given angles.

What shape has obtuse angles?


What shape has the most obtuse angle?

A regular polygon of n sides (where n > 4) has n obtuse angles. Since there is no limit to the number of sides that a polygon can have, there can be no limit to the number of obtuse angles in a shape.

What shape has 3 obtuse angles?

a pentagon

What geometric shape has 2 acute angles and obtuse angles?

a trapezoid :) * * * * * Not necessarily. A trapezoid can have two right angles, one acute and one obtuse angle. A parallelogram which is not a rectangle must have 2 acute and 2 obtuse angles.

Which shape has 8 obtuse angles?

Regular octagon has 8 angles of 135o.

Does a kite have more than one obtuse angle?

A traditional kite shape (a point at the top, then widest about 1/3 of the way down, then tapering to another point at the bottom) has one, two or three obtuse (>90 degree) angles. The two angles at the widest point, about 1/3 of the way from the top, are generally obtuse, but don't have to be. The bottom angle is almost never obtuse. The top angle is sometimes obtuse. So if the top angle is obtuse but the side angles are not, a kite shape has one obtuse angle. If the top angle is not, but the side angles are, it has two obtuse angles. If the top and side angles are obtuse it has three.

What shape has 3 pairs of parallel lines and all angles are obtuse?

A Hexagon has 3 pairs of parallel line and all angles are obtuse.

What polygon shape has no acute or obtuse angles?

A square

Which 2-D shapes can have 2 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles?

With 2 acute and 2 obtuse angles it has 4 angles - the shape is a quadrilateral. The shape can be one of trapezium, parallelogram, rhombus, kite or a general quadrilateral. With the two acute angles next to each other (forcing the two obtuse angles to be next to each other) the shape can be either a trapezium or a general quadrilateral.

What shape has 4 acute angles 4 obtuse angles and 4 right angles?

An irregular dodecagon.

What shape has two acute angles and two obtuse angles?

The shape could be a parallelogram (including a rhombus). Some kites would satisfy these requirements. And it is, of course, possible to have a shape with 5 or more vertices (i.e. more than 4 angles) that contains two acute and two obtuse angles.

What shape has all angles greater than 90 degrees?

All the angles in an octagon are obtuse. (Obtuse means greater than 90 degrees.)

How many right and obtuse angles make up a hexagon?

There can be 0 to 5 right angles, or 1 to 6 obtuse angles in a hexagon.

How many obtuse angles in a hexagon?

There are 6 obtuse angles in a regular hexagon that add up to 720 degrees.

What shape has the smallest number of sides a regular polygon with obtuse angles can have?

An obtuse triangle has 3 sides.

Name for 5 acute angles 2 obtuse angles 5 right angles?

a pretty wierd shape

Angles which have the same shape and size are said to be this?

Obtuse angle

What two obtuse angles make as a shape?

A daimond or rhombus

What is a 4 sided shape that has two obtuse angles?