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A shape with 9 sides is a nonagon. A decagon has 10 sides.

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Q: What shape has 9 sizes a decagon?
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A 2d shape with 10 sides?

this shape is a decagon this shape is a decagon

What is the shape with 9 edges?

a nonagon a shape with nine edges is called a nonagon. just like pentagon and decagon a shape with nine edges is called a nonagon. just like pentagon and decagon

What does decagon?

A decagon is a geometric shape which has no power to doanything!

What is the name of a ten sided shape?

Decagon. A decagon is the name of a ten sided shape.

Can you show me a 3D shape of a decagon?

No. A decagon is two-dimensional.

What shape has 10 uneven sides?

Any shape with 10 sides is called a decagon. A regular decagon is a shape with 10 even sides, so you are looking for an irregular decagon.

How do you draw a decagon?

A decagon is a shape that has ten sides. As long as the figure has ten sides to it, then it is a decagon.

What is square feet decagon?

The answer depends on the specific shape and size of the decagon.

How do you describe the shape decagon?

A ten sided shape

Shape ten sides?

The shape is called a decagon. If all the sides and angles are the same, it is called a regular decagon.

What shape is 1 square and 2 triangles attached?

a hexagon * * * * * Depending on the shape and sizes of the triangles and where they are attached, you can also get a kite, a rectangle, a parallelogram, a decagon, octagon, pentagon.

What is a shape with ten sides and not a decagon?

In 2-d, the naming of polygons is such that a 10 sided shape is a decagon. Even if it is a 5-pointed star shape, it is a decagon. A concave decagon (rather than convex) but still a decagon. In 3-d, a decahedron, possibly, with the term "sides" being used for "faces".

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