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a trapezoid has a pair of symmetry lines but a square diamond or parallelogram all sides are parallel

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Q: What shape has at least two lines of symmetry?
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Draw a shape with two lines of symmetry?

A line of symmetry can be thought of as the line where you could cut a shape (or a line or any object) and it would look the exact same on both sides. An example of a shape with exactly two lines of symmetry would be a rectangle. A square also has at least two lines of symmetry, but it actually has four total.

Which shape has two lines of symmetery?

An ellipse has two lines of symmetry.

What figure has two lines of symmetry?

Equilateral Triangles (3 lines of symmetry)Rectangles (at least 2 lines of symmetry)Squares (4 lines of symmetry)Rhombuses (at least 2 lines of symmetry)Any regular polygon (at least 5 lines of symmetry)

Can a quadrilateral have two lines of symmetry?

Yes. Some example of this are:Rectangles (at least 2 lines of symmetry)Squares (4 lines of symmetry)Rhombuses (at least 2 lines of symmetry)

What are figures that have two lines of symmetry?

Rectangles and Rhombuses (have at least 2 lines of symmetry).

What is a shape with two lines of symmetry?

rhombus and rectangle (if they are not also a square). a square has 4 lines of symmetry

Do kites have two lines of symmetry?

Depends on what type of shape it is. If its a diamond shaped kite then it does have 2 lines or symmetry

What shape has one line of symmetry and two lines of rotational symmetry?

A triangle........I think

Does a Rectangle have at least one line of symmetry?

A rectangle has two lines of symmetry, the lines that connect the midpoints of the parallel sides of a rectangle are lines of symmetry of the rectangle.

How many lines of symmetry does a parallelogram have?

Squares, which are parallelograms, have four lines of symmetry. Rectangles have only two. Rhombi have two lines of symmetry. Generic parallelograms don't have any lines of symmetry.None normally unless it is in the shape of a rectangle in which case it will have 2 lines of symmetry

What shape has 4 equal sides and two lines of symmetry?

a square

What shape has 2 lines of symmetry?

Shapes that only have two lines of symmetry:SquareRectangleParallelogram