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A cube has 6 faces

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Q: What shape has exactly 6 faces?
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What 3D shape has exactly 3 faces?

No 3D shape with FLAT SIDES has exactly 3 faces. 4 is the minimum.

Which shape has 6 equal faces?

A cube is a 3D shape that has 6 faces of equal area.

What shape has 8 verticals and 6 faces?

There is no shape with 8 vertical edges and 6 faces.

A cube has how many rectangular faces?

A cube has six rectangular faces. * * * * * Strictly speaking, that is wrong. A cube has six SQUARE faces. A shape with exactly 6 rectangular faces is a cuboid.

What shape has exactly four triangular faces?

the answer is tetrahedron

Which shape has exactly 5 rectangular faces?


What 3D shape has exactly 7 Faces?


With shape has exactly 4 triangular faces?


What shape has 6 faces and all faces are congruent?

A Cuba has 6 congruent faces

What is a 3D shape with 6 faces?

A cube or a cuboid has 6 faces.

What other shape has 6 faces but faces are not the same shape?

I dont know the answer............................

What shape has 6 faces and the lengths are not the same?

Shapes have sides. Do you mean, what shape has 6 sides or, what solid has 6 faces?

How many shape of faces on a cube?

Do you mean "how many faces are on the shape cube?" If you did, then the answer is 6.

Which shape has 6 faces?

A Hexagon

What is a shape that has 6 faces?

A cube.

What 3D shape has exactly 4 faces?

a triangular pyramid

Which shape has exactly four faces?

a triangular based pyramid

Which shape has 6 faces and 4 identical faces?


You are a shape with 8 corners and all faces exactly the same size and shape what am I?

A cube

What shape has four squares?

There is no solid shape with exactly four squares and no other faces.

What are shape faces?

A shape face is basically a face on a shape eg: there are 6 faces on a cube and cuboid so there is your answer!

What solid shape has six faces?

Many solid shapes could have 6 faces, but the most common such shape, with 6 equal faces, is the cube.

How many faces exactly does a cube have?


What shape has 4 faces 8 edges and 6 vertices?

None. A shape with four faces is a tetrahedron and that has 4 vertices, not 6.

What shape has six rectangular faces?

A Cuboid has 6 rectangular faces.