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You don't get any sides on 3D shapes. However, here are the features of both shapes:

Square based pyramid: 5 faces, 5 vertices, 8 edges

Triangular prism: 5 faces, 6 vertices, 9 edges.

Then again, it depends on what type of base the pyramid in question has.

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Q: What shape has more sides pyramid or triangular prism?
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Which has more sides a triangular pyramid or a triangular prism?

A triangular prism.

What is the Name of shape with three rectangular sides and two triangular sides?

A tetragon or a quadrilateral, like a square or rectangle.

What is the shape or kind of face on a triangular prism?

A prism has a variety of bases but the sides are always parallelograms. A triangular prism has a triangle as the two bases and parallelograms as lateral sides. A pyramid has a variety of bases but the sides are triangles.

What are the differences between a triangular pyramid and a triangular prism?

A triangular pyramid is a four sided 3D shape. All four sides are triangles. It resembles a 'traditional' pyramid, like the ones in Egypt. A triangular prism is a five sided 3D shape. It consists of two identical triangular sides connected by three identical rectangular sides. think of it as a cylinder with triangles on the ends and three sides instead of a smooth surface.

Which has more sides pyramid or triangular prism?

depends what kind of pyramid, if its a four sided pyramid then its the same but if its a three sided pyramid then the triangular prism has more

How many shapes of faces does a square pyramid and a triangular prism have?

Square Pyramid has a square base and 4 triangular sides. Triangular Pyramid has a triangle base and 3 triangular sides.

What is different from a triangular prism and a triangular pyramid?

The difference beween a Triangular Prism, and a Triangular Pyramid (Tetrahedron) Prism Pyramid Five sides Four sides ---------> 1 less than the Prism Six corners Four corners -------> 2 less than the Prism Nine edges Six edges ----------> 3 less than the Prism So there you go. Thanks for reading

What is a solid shape with 5 sides called?

Well a solid shape with five sides is called a polygon! * * * * * Totallly wrong answer! It is a pentahedron. That could be a triangular prism or a quadrilateral pyramid.

What has a base of 8 equal sides and 8 triangle faces?

triangular prism triangular prism * * * * * The correct answer is an octagonal pyramid.

What shape are the sidesof a square pyramid?

The sides are triangular in shape.

What three dimensional shape is a tent?

Depends on the tent. if it has a square bottom, and a triangular base. and triangular sides, then it would be a pyramid. A more general answer would be a polyhedron.

Is a pyramid shape a prism?

No, infact a pyramid is inside its own group! There are square based pyramids with four sides and triangular based pyramids with 3 sides, each leading to a pointed top.