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A square-based pyramid.

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Q: What shape has one square and four triangles?
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What 3D shape has a square and 3 triangles?

There can be no closed 3D shape with only one square and 3 triangles.

What shape are the faces in a square pyramid?

triangle and square 4 triangles one square

How many squares and triangles form a square pyramid?

One square and four triangles.

What shape has one square and 4 triangles?


What shape has 5 faces and 5 corners One of your faces looks like a square and the other four look like triangles?

a square pyramid

What is the name of the figure that is a solid shape with four faces that are triangles and one face is a square with eight edges and five vertices?

square-based pyramid

What has four triangles and one square?

a pyramid

What has four triangles and one square surface?

A square pyramid has.

What is one of a square pyramid is a square The other faces are triangles?

A square pyramid is one that has a square base. This means there are four triangles, one triangle on each side of the square base.

What shape is the faces of a square pyramid?

the bottom one is a square and the other 4 are triangles

What has four equal sides with four right triangles?

A shape formed by four triangles would have to be a tetrahedron. But I believe that a tetrahedron can have at most three right angled triangles. One with four of them is, I think, impossible.

What is a square based pyramd?

A square based pyramid is a three dimensional shape with a square base, and four triangles (one from each side of the base) that meet at a point above the base. The shape has 5 vertices, 5 faces and 8 edges.