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A pyramid (3D)!

Some examples:

- triangular base pyramid

- square base pyramid

- rectangular base pyramid

- cone

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Q: What shape has only one base?
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Related questions

What is a shape that is a geometric solid with only one surface and that one surface is curved and this shape has no base what is it?

a sphere

What shape has 1 circular base and only one face?


What do you call a shape with 4 faces and a base?

a pyramid as long as there is only one base more specifically a rectangular pyramid

What solid figure has as a triangle base and 3 rectangular faces?

A 3D shape with one base and three faces can only have triangular faces.

Formula for area of base?

The answer depends on the shape of the base: the appropriate formula will vary from one shape to another.

What is the shape of a sphere base?

A sphere has no base, and since it has no base, it has only a surface area and no lateral area.

What is a spheres a base shape?

A sphere has no base, and since it has no base, it has only a surface area and no lateral area.

What shape has one vertex one edge and one base?

A cone has one vertex, one edge, and one base.

How do you get the other base if one base and height is only given?

It would help to know what shape you are talking about. But since you have not bothered to provide that information, I cannot provide a sensible answer.

What does the base of a shape mean?

It is the base/face of a certain shape, as in a square, it would be the bottom line(the one on/closest to the ground).

How do you find the length of a diagonal if you have a base being a parallelogram and only one side given?

You cannot. With only the base given (a parallelogram) you don't even know what the shape is: it could be a parallelepiped, or a parallelogram based pyramid or one of several other shapes.

Which shape only has one surface?

In geometry, the only shape that has one surface is a plane.

What shape has one circular base?

A cone.

Does a polyhedron have only one base?

Yes, a polyhedron is only made up of one base which is bordered by straight lines. Each face is in fact a polygon, a closed shape in the flat 2-dimensional plane made up of points joined by straight lines.

How many bases for triangular pyramid?

All pyramids have only one base.All pyramids have only one base.All pyramids have only one base.All pyramids have only one base.

What shape has one base and one curved surface?

A cone. A hemisphere.

What 2d shape has only two sides?

A triangle with a circular base

What 3D shape has a one square base?

a cube

What shape has one triangular base?

A straight line.

What geometric shape has one circular base?

A cone

What term describes a prism that only has one base positioned opposite of a single point?

The term that best describes it is an "oxymoron". A solid shape with one base opposite a single point is not a prism so such an object cannot exist.

What is a 3D shape with 6 faces with only 1 base?

pentagonal pyramid

What shape is made up of one base and a vertex?


Which shape has one circular base?

A cone or a hemisphere or circle

What is a three dimensional shape that has one base but no face?