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At the narrowest category it's either a square or a rectangle

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Q: What shape is a quadrilateral with 2 right angles?
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What is a shape with quadrilateral and 2 parallel sides but with no right angles?


What 2 quadrilateral shape has 2 right angle?

A kite and a trapezium can have exactly two right angles.

What shape has 4 sides and two right angles?

A 4 sided polygon is called a quadrilateral. Depending on where the two right angles are, would put the quadrilateral into different subsets. For example if the two right angles are on adjacent corners (and the other 2 angles are not right angles), then it is a trapezoid. If the 2 right angles are in opposite corners, and the other 2 angles are not right angles then it would be a kite-shaped quadrilateral.

What 2d shape has 2 equal sides no right angles and no lines of symmetry?

An irregular quadrilateral.

What shape has 2 right angles but is a quadrilateral?

If you are saying a quadrilateral that only has two right angles I believe it is a trapezoid. A square or other rectangle, all of which have four right angles, also satisfies all the conditions explicitly given.

Which shape has 2 obtuse angles and 2 right angles?

There is no such shape because the 4 angles in a 4 sided quadrilateral must add up to 360 degrees no more and no less . Therefore 2 obtuse angles and 2 right angles are greater than 360 degrees which doesn't quite measure up for the requirements of a 4 sided quadrilateral.

What is the name of the quadrilateral which has has two right angles and two angles which are not right angles?

No quadrilateral with 2 internal right angles can be anything other than a square or rectangle. The shape described in the question does not exist.Improved Answer:-It could be a trapezoid with two right angles, an acute angle and an obtuse angle.

Which 2-D shapes can have 2 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles?

With 2 acute and 2 obtuse angles it has 4 angles - the shape is a quadrilateral. The shape can be one of trapezium, parallelogram, rhombus, kite or a general quadrilateral. With the two acute angles next to each other (forcing the two obtuse angles to be next to each other) the shape can be either a trapezium or a general quadrilateral.

Which word best describes a quadrilateral?

A synonym for a quadrilateral is a square.

What is a quadrilateral with no right angles and 2 sets of sides same length?

If a set of equal sides are adjacent, then the quadrilateral is a "kite" shape. If a set of equal sides are opposite, then the quadrilateral is a parallelogram.

What is a quadrilateral that has 2 right angles?

squares and rectangles

Which quadrilateral has exactly 2 right angles?


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