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Q: What shape is both a square and a parallelogram?
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What is the shape of the parallelogram that is both a rectangle and rhombus?

A square.

Is a parallelogram a square and a rhombus a convex shape?

A parallelogram need not be a square, it need not be a rhombus but it is a convex shape.

What is the difference between a parallelogram and a square?

A square is a parallelogram a parallelogram isn't always a square. The definition of parallelogram is a closed shape with two parallel sides. So a rectangle is a parallelogram and so is a square and a rombus. The definition of square is shape with four equal sides.

What shape is not a parallelogram but a rectangle?

A square

What shape is a parallelogram but not a square?

a rectangle

Is a square a quadrangle or parallelogram?

A square is both a quadrangle and a parallelogram.

What parallelogram has four sides of equal length?

A "parallelogram" technically is a shape where opposite sides are equal and any shape with four sides is a "quadrilateral". Every square has four sides of equal length, so a square is both a parallelogram and a quadrilateral. A rhombus(or diamond shape) can have four sides of equal length and can be a parallelogram as well, so either are possibilities.

What other shape is a parallelogram besides a square?

Every square, rectangle, and rhombus is also a parallelogram.

What is a parallelogram not a square pictures?

a parallelogram is any shape that has 4 sides unless it says a certain type of parallelogram then you draw that shape.

What is a parallelogram with 4 sides?

A parallelogram is a shape with four sides e.g square.

Why are squares parallelogram?

Squares are parallelograms because they carry the traits of a parallelogram. For a shape to be a parallelogram, both pairs of opposite sides must be parallel. This is true for a square, so it is a parallelogram. Some other examples are rectangles and rhombuses.

What is the parallelogram of 80 square meter?

The area of a parallelogram is not enough information to determine its shape.