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a parallelogram

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A parallelogram.

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Q: What shape is slanted and has 4 sides?
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What shape has 4 sides and is slanted and thin?

a rhombus

What is a slanted shape with 4 sides called?

A parallelogram

What is a math trapezoids?

A "Math Trapazoid" is a shape that has 4 sides. There is 1 long side on the bottom, 1 medium sized side on the top, and 2 equal slanted sides on the sides of the shape.

What has 4 sides and 4 corners and that has 2 slanted sides that are opposite?


Is a parallelogram a slanted rectangle?

A parallelogram is any shape with two pairs of parallel sides and 4 sides in total. For a picture of a typical parallelogram, see the related links section below.

What shape has 2 opposite and 2 equal sides?

The word "opposite" is not particularly helpful.The shape could be:A lop-sided kite or arrowhead, with one pair of equal sides and one pair of unequal ones;An isosceles trapezium (where the bases are different from the slanted sides);A non-isosceles trapezium where one of the bases is equal to one of the slanted sides.It could, of course, be a polygon with more than 4 sides.

What is the name of the shape that has four sides but is slanted?

You mean a parallelogram? That's the more stereotyped name for the shape you're describing, although the term "parallelogram" covers all 4 sided shapes that have 2 sets of parallel sides. (An example of an exception is a trapezoid.)

What is a parellogram?

it is a shape with 4 parellel lines and it slanted on one side

What is a shape whit 4 sides?

A shape with 4 sides is a quadrilateral

What has more vertices a shape with 4 sides or a shape with 3 sides?

Shape has fewer than 6 sides

Is a rhombus a slanted shape?

yes its a slanted square

What shape has two pairs of parallel sides and no right angles?

parallelogram... slanted rectangular box.. therefore no right angles