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a square

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Q: What shape is the quadrilateral is regular?
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What shape has a regular quadrilateral?

It is a square

What do call a regular quadrilateral?

Well, you are supposed to call an irregular quadrilateral an IRREGULAR QUADRILATERAL. Haha. There really isn't any name for a regular quadrilateral. You just call it a quadrilateral or whatever the shape is. You could call it a REGULAR QUADRILATERAL.

Does a regular shape has equal sides?

no a regular shape is the well known form of that shape eg: a square is a regular quadrilateral

Can you show me a regular quadrilateral shape?

A square

Is quadrilateral a regular shape?

I guess. It depends on if you draw it regular or irregular.

What shape has one regular quadrilateral and four equilateral triangle faces?

Regular Tetrahedron

Is a trapezium a regular shpe?

A trapezium is not a regular shape although it is a 4 sided quadrilateral.

Is a kite a regular shape or not a regular shape?

A regular polygon must have all its sides equal and all its angles equal. The only regular quadrilateral is a square.

Is A quadrilateral is a regular polygon?

A 4 sided quadrilateral is only a regular polygon when it is in the shape of a square

What is a regular quadrilateral?

A regular quadrilateral is a a four sided shape that has all of its sides equal in length. There are two shapes that satisfy these conditions, a square and a rhombus.

Why is the quadrilateral not a square?

Any 4 sided shape is a quadrilateral including a a square which is a regular quadrilateral because it has 4 equal sides and 4 equal angles

What is an example of a trapezoid?

A trapezoid is an example of a regular polygon or a geometrical shape. It is also an example of a quadrilateral.