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Think of any ball you have ever held in your hand. A Baseball, a softball, a tennis ball, a Bowling ball - those are all spheres.

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Q: What shape of a sphere look like?
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What is a sphere shape look like?

A perfect sphere is a perfect round ball shape.

What is a 3d shape sphere look like?

By definition a sphere is 3D. If it were only 2D it would be a circle.

How does a sphere look like?

it's round like a circle. It's the shape our earth is in.

Which shape is the same no matter how you look at it?

A sphere perhaps

Is Saturn shape like a pear or a flattened sphere?

its an flattened sphere

Why is a sphere like math?

Because a sphere is a 3 dimensional shape.

What shape is the sperm?

The shape of a sperm is like a like a sphere with a small tail.

What shape is the earth most like?


What kind of shape of a ball?

A sphere/circle is like the shape of a ball.

What solid shape has no face?

Since a sphere is round it is a shape without a face.

What does metaphase look like?

The metaphase look like a sphere which has a number of things including chromosomes and centromere. There are also some finger-like structures which form the shape of a cross.

What is the name of a shape that looks like a bowl?


Meaning of cylinder cone sphere?

Cylinder is a shape, like a soda can, a cone is another shape, like the tip of a sharpened pencil, a sphere is yet another shape, something round like a ball.

Show image of a shpere shape?

The image of a sphere shape is a circle, no matter what direction you look at it from.

What shape is stonehenge built like?

Stone henge is built in a shape of the sphere

What type of three-dimensional shape is a pearl?

An irregular sphere-like shape.

What shape is it no matter how you look at it?

A sphere appears the same from any direction.

What shape is the same no matter how you look at it from any angle or direction?


What shape is the same shape no matter how you look at it from any angle or direction?

A square or... ummm... let me think there is not real shape that can do that they all have corners or sides!! or HAHA a sphere!! A sphere is the correct answer.

Is a sphere the shape of the moon?

yes the moon is in the shape of a sphere

What sphere look like?

a ball

Name some things that look like a sphere?

basketball, soccer ball are some things that look like a sphere.

What is the shape of a ball?

sphere sphere

What shape is Mercury?

Mercury is a sphere, like all planets.

What is the shape that is round like a ball?

A Sphere is an the name for a shape of a 3D object that is like a ball or a globe. If the shape is 2D then it is a circle