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Q: What shapes and influences a persons perspective?
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What is the relationshp between health and culture?

Culture is the the set of norms, beliefs and practices of certain persons, this influences their perspective about their health and health in general making each of us unique in handling different events about health.

What are psychologys levels of analysis and related perspective?

Psychology's levels of analysis refer to different ways of examining and understanding behavior and mental processes: biological (brain systems, neurochemistry), individual (personality, cognition), social (interactions with others, cultural influences). Perspectives, on the other hand, are specific theories or approaches within psychology that guide research and practice, such as cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, and humanistic perspectives.

The psychological perspective that emphasizes objective observable environmental influences of overt behavior is called the what?


The historical and cultural perspective of a story is?

.the way the culture and the time in which the author writes influences the story

What post impressionist use the use of multiple perspective and primary shapes?

Cézanne [Apex]

Explain how the diminishing returns influences the shape of the variable cost and total cost curves?

how diminishing returns influences the shapes of the variable-cost and total-cost curves

Analyzing a work of literature froma specific perspective means?

Analyzing a work of literature from a specific perspective involves examining the text focusing on a particular theme, idea, or literary device. This approach allows for a deeper understanding of the work by exploring how the chosen perspective shapes the interpretation of the text. It can provide insights into the author's intentions, societal influences, and the broader significance of the work.

What word means a persons set of beliefs about his purpose in life which influences everything he does and how he expresses the culture?


What do wiccan believe about organ donations?

This is dependent upon the persons own perspective of organ donations.

Why do you think it might be important to consider a persons opinion?

to think outside of your own "box" or perspective

What does the sociocultural perpective say about schizophrenia?

The sociocultural perspective says that schizophrenia is caused by peer influences and labeling and a dysfunctional family.

What psychological perspective is most likely to examine how group membership influences individual attitudes and behaviors?

The social psychology perspective is most likely to examine how group membership influences individual attitudes and behaviors. Social psychologists study how individuals are influenced by the presence and actions of others within a group or society.