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4 rectangles and 2 squares.

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Q: What shapes are all of the faces in a rectangular prism?
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Are rectangular prism a cube?

No No Cube is squarishe while a rectangular prism is longer on all the faces

What are all the faces of a rectangular prism?

The are all rectangles.

What are the shape of faces in a rectangular prism?

They are all rectangular but there can also be 4 rectangular faces and 2 square faces. Always 6 in total.

Why are the flat surfaces on a rectangular prism called faces?

The flat surfaces of all polyhedra are called faces and a rectangular prism is simply one kind of polyhedron.

How many facesverticesand edges does a rectangular prism have?

A rectangular prism has six faces, eight vertices, and twelve edges. All of the faces are either rectangles or squares.

Faces are all rectangles it has 8 vertices?

A rectangular prism.

What object has 6 faces 12 edges and not all equal faces?

a rectangular prism

Why does a rectangular prism of 2 unit cubes have 6 faces?

A prism with an n-sided base will have 2n vertices, n + 2 faces, and 3n edges. All rectangular prisms have six faces.

How many faces does a decagonal prism have?

i think there is 12 faces are in the decagonal prism this is mhel a decagonal prism has 11 faces

How many perpendicular faces does a rectangular prism?

All of the adjacent faces are perpendicular. So there are 6 faces x 4 faces adjacent to each face So there are 24 perpendicular faces in a rectangular prism.

How many faces of a rectangular prism have a shape of a parallelogram?

All six of them.

If all six faces of a rectangular prism are squares what is the shap?