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A polygon with 2n sides (n>1) can have opposite sides congruent.

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Q: What shapes have opposite sides congruent?
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What shapes have opposite angles congruent?

Any polygon with 2n sides (n integer) where opposite sides are parallel, will have its opposite angles congruent.

Which shapes have opposite sides congruent and parallel?

There are many such shapes. Any polygon with an even number of sides can have opposite sides that meet the above requirements.

What is the opposite sides are congruent?

Of some shape, Yes. Of other shapes, No.

What shapes have exactly 1 pair of opposite sides that are congruent?

a trapeziod

Can two shapes be congruent and not similar?

In short, no. Similar shapes are shapes in which all corresponding angles congruent regardless of the length of the sides. Congruent shapes have congruent corresponding angles and corresponding sides. In effect congruent shapes is a special condition of similar shapes.

What shapes have both pairs of opposite sides that are congruent?

Of the quadrilaterals: a square, a rectangle, a parallelogram and a rhombus

A quadrilateral whose opposite sides are parallel and opposite angles are congruent and that has four congruent sides is a?

this would be a rhombus. rhombuses are parallelograms (four-sided shapes with opposite sides parallel) that have all equal side lengths. squares are included as rhombuses.

What shape has 4 sides Opposite sides are congruent Opposite sides are parallel Opposite angles are congruent?


What quadrilateral has both pairs of opposite sides congruent?

A parallelogram has two pairs of congruent sides, and the opposite sides are congruent.

Are the opposite sides of a parallelogram congruent?

Yes, the opposite sides of a parallelogram are congruent.

What figure has all sides congruent?

All regular shapes have congruent sides.

Which of these statements describe properties of parallelograms?

Opposite sides are parallel, Consecutive angles are supplementary, Opposite angles are congruent, Opposite sides are congruent (APEX)

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