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8 indian size

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Q: What shoe size would a 25 cm foot need?
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What shoe size would a 26 cm foot of a Indian female need?

Women's US10 fits a 26cm foot length - average foot width for that size is approx 9.5cm.

How does one measure a shoe size?

To measure your shoe size, you need to work out how long your foot is by either inches or centimeters. If you have figured it out, go to Zappos, an online help guide to find your foot size.

If a girl's foot measures 8.5 inches x 3.25 inches what would her shoe size be in women's sizes?

The shoe size in women's would be a 5.

What UK children's shoe size would fit a 23cm foot?

US size 5

What is a woman's size 5.5 shoe size equal to in a child's size?

A woman's 5.5 shoe size is the same length as a 3.5 child's shoe size. However, a woman's foot is shaped different from a child's foot.

What size shoe do you have to go to foot locker?

your size have to be size 3

How can you recognize foot prints?

by the shoe size

How many pennies would fit in 1 square foot?

First of all it is highly unlikely to have a square foot. But if someone does have a square foot u should specify the shoe size. e.g. a size 10 US shoe will hold 132.3 pennies.

How tall will you be if your 13 years old you have a size 12 shoe and your 5 foot 6?

Shoe size doesn't really matter on how tall you are going to be. I'm 13, 5 foot 6, and have a size 14 shoe.

What size child shoe for a toddler wearing size 4?

Age does not determine shoe size, the size of the foot does, so therefore this question is unanswerable. Try "average shoe size"

Left foot is a size 7 1 2 and right shoe is a size 8 what size running shoe should you buy?

eight. even though the left foot is smaller, it's better to have a shoe that is too big on one foot and perfect on the other.

A women's size 8 shoe is equivalent to what youth size?

The equivalent youth size of a woman's show size 8 is 6.5. The best way to find the correct shoe size is to have your foot measured at the shoe store.