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Q: What should be the width of corridor in school?
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Is a corridor in a public school a public corridor?


Can you give me a sentence with the word corridor?

The main school walkway was a narrow corridor without any windows.

What is the average width of a hospital hallway?

Copy Where minimum corridor width is 6 ft (1.8 m), projections of maximum 6 in. (15.2 cm) from the corridor wall, above the handrail height, shall be permitted for the installation of hand-rub dispensing units in accordance with

Make a sentence with antisocial and corridor?

The little boy was antisocial on the first day of his new school.

Is corridor a verb?

Corridor is a noun.

What is the length of a school corridor?

It is approximately 1.5 ( one and a half ) mile ! Really depends on the school but that most of schools middle size or big :)

When was The Corridor created?

The Corridor was created in 1825.

Where is the energy corridor?

The energy corridor is in Houston, Texas

What is a sentence using the word corridor?

The corridor was brightly lit.She walked down the dark corridor.My doctor's office was located down a long corridor.

When was The Light Corridor created?

The Light Corridor was created in 1990.

When did The Light Corridor happen?

The Light Corridor happened in 1990.

When was Vasari Corridor created?

Vasari Corridor was created in 1564.