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you should call a professinol to fill it up. if you don't want to fill it up with dirt

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Are cthey harmful to a house or its foundation?

A sinkhole CAN be.

How do you use sinkhole in a sentence?

Hello, I am calling to inform you that I will be unable to come to work today because my house and car are being consumed by a rather large sinkhole. The sinkhole seems to have no bottom.

Where is the second hideaway at Molida island in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

it is in front of the palm tree behind the second house

Where is wayfarers second hideout in phantom hourglass?

Wayfarers second hidout is is IS IN FRONT OF A PALM TREE BEHIND A HOUSE on Molida island so dig in front of that tree.

How should an elephant face in your house?

Towards the front door.

Where is the mailbox in sims 3?

it should be in the front of the house next to the trashcan.

Should you go to Hollister or clean the house so your friends can sleep over?

You should clean the house Bc friends should come in front of everything eles! (;

Something you should never keep unlocked?

front door, car, safe, house

Where are the trash cans at on sims 2?

It should be right in front of the house, near the mailbox.

In Pokemon diamond how can you git rid of HM moves?

Make your way to Canalve City. Upon entering, you should see a house north, and a second house north of THAT house (just beyond the PokeMart). Go into the second house where an old man lives. He will offer to delete any move you like, including HM moves.If you fly there (and obviously landed at the front of the local Pokemon center) Go south to the nearest house.Good luck!

Should I roof or side my house first?

Roof first,walls second.

Where is brooks house in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

It's in Pueltown. It should have a fountain in front of it.

Name something you should never leave locked?

car safe front door house

What is the garden at the front of the house called?

the garden in front of a house is called a yard

What is a sentence using-in front of your house?

There is a large garbage truck parked in front of your house. I was just wondering why that huge pink flamingo is there, in front of your house. Perhaps the truck is there to pick up the flamingo from in front of your house.

Where is the Burnin rubber 3 trophy survivor hidden package?

In front of the wooden house at right hand side after the second bridge.

How many columns are in the front of the White House?

There are six columns in FRONT of the white house.

What should you do if someone keeps on ding dong ditching your house?

keep a watch person in front of your house or some type of trap to set them up... or cameras

Should criminals be given second chance?

What, to rob my house? If they were that rubbish the first time, then I feel a second chance may allow them to succeed. So no.

Whose statue is in the front of the house of assembly in the Bahamas?

Queen Victoria's statue is in front of the House of Assembly.

What is considered a big sinkhole?

I'm not sure of the REAL qualifications, but I would say one that could swallow a car or house. Anything above that I would consider giant.

You are getting a dog and you are not at your house every second week what breed of dog should you get?

you should not get a dog if you do not have a stable life situation with a good routine.

Where can you watch the full episode house of risks and house of thieves of house of Anubis online?

You should be able to watch the full episode on with one thirty second commercial in the middle.

What should be the gap between first no-confidence motion and second no-confidence motion?

It is 6 months in Indian House of People (Lower house). The upper house has no such powers.

Where did Darwin conduct his most famous research?

in his house or in front of an audiance but for his most famouse it would be house as u could mess upo it should be done in priviate