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It would help if you look at the chart graph or table!

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Q: What should you look at when reading a chart graph or table?
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What chart organizes numerical data?

Numerical data are organized by a graph.

For business data hat is the most accurate visual display table graph standard deviation bar chart median chart?

Whomever placed this question should learn how to use punctuation. The actual question should be: For business data, what is the most accurate visual display? a. table b. graph c. standard deviation d. bar chart e. median chart?

What is another mathematical name for chart?

Another mathematical name for chart is table, diagram or graph.

What is the definition of a tally table?

the meaning would be chart, graph, or diagram are the meaning for tally table.

What is the synonym for chart?

table, diagram, blueprint, graph, plan, map

What might a scientist use to organize data?

A table, chart, or graph.

Are graph's the only way to organize data?

No, they are not. You can also organize data in a table or chart as well as a graph.

What is a visual display of data or information?

A visual display of data could be a graph, table or chart.

What is a display of data?

A visual display of data is called a chart, table or a graph.

What is Visual display of data?

A visual display of data is called a chart, table or a graph.

Ways to display data?

Some ways to display data include using tables, charts (such as bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs), infographics, and dashboards. The choice of display method should depend on the type of data and the message you want to convey to the audience.

What are the example of weightage representation?

Weightage representations. Line graph, bar chart, pie chart, table, ratio form, etc.