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The Sun sign of an individual does not make someone psychic. Through the study of Astrology you will see that the Sun sign is not the only factor making up the personality nor the most important . An individual's chart as a whole would be more indicative of whether or not a person has an inherent desire to study the esoteric arts or possesses any latent psychic power.

Generally, as a rule, the water signs, especially Scorpio, are associated with psychic ability. I believe that we are all psychic to varying degrees and that those with the strongest inclination to study or pursue this are those with astrological charts that show a heavy concentration of water signs in relation to: the rising sign, moon and planets residing in or aspecting the 8th and 12th houses. These are not all the indicators but something I would look at first when checking out someone's chart.

Personally I have Scorpio rising at 17°, the Moon in Cancer in the eighth house and the Sun In Virgo. I have many additional planets and aspects throughout my chart that indicate to any professional astrologer apparent psychic ability and an inclination toward paranormal study.

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The astrology sign Pisces has an association with psychic ability. Cancer has an association with intuition.

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As there are no real "psychic capabilities" we are all equal in this regard. Signs and tea leaves don't change that.

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Q: What sign has the strongest psychic capabilities?
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