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What size baseboard heater for 600 sq ft?

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How big of heater needed for 10 foot wall room?

10 ft by 10 ft --- a 4 ft baseboard heater will work. But a longer room may need more. 10 ft by 20 ft would need an 8 foot baseboard heater. etc.

How many BTUs in a 6 ft baseboard heater?

BTU's are not based on the length. To answer this question the wattage and voltage of the baseboard must be given.

What size water heater for 3000 square foot home?

what size water heater for 3000 sq ft 4 bathroom house

What size space heater would fit in a living room or bedroom?

The size of a space heater depends on the size of a living room or bedroom. The best size for a space heater is 150 sq. ft for living rooms and bedrooms.

Baseboard Heater Installation?

form_title=Baseboard Heater Installation form_header=8263 Give the square footage of the area that will be covered by the electric wall heating system?*= {Select One,Less than 1500 sq ft,1500 - 2500 sq ft,More than 2500 sq ft} What is the number of rooms that you would like the electric wall heating?*= {Select One,1,2 - 5,6 - 10,11 - 15,More than 15,Don't know} Please descibe the type of electric wall heating you are looking to have*= () Baseboard style () Wall fan unit

How big is a normal size spider Web?

500 to 600 ft long!

How many meters are in 600 ft?

600 ft = 182.9 metres

How many acres is 600 ft x 600 ft?

1 acre = 43,560 square feet600-ft x 600-ft = 360,000 square feet = 8.264acres (rounded)

How many sq ft will a 35000 BTU heater heat?

A 35,000 BTU heater will heat a 10,000 square foot home.It is important to buy the correct size of heater for the home.

How wide is 2.8 acres if the length is 600 ft?

2.8 acres = 121968 sq feet If the length is 600 ft, the width is 121968/600 = 203.28 ft

How many square feet is a 20 ft by 30 ft?

600 square feet (20x30=600)

What size heater should be used for 3000 sq ft home?

About 1 kW for every 150 sq ft so that's 20 kW as a minimum.

What size Btu pool heater will heat a 34500 gallon inground swimming pool?

At a minimum you would need a 400K btu gas heater. This pool is larger than a 20 x 40' pool or 800 sq. ft. Many things dictate the size or sizing of a pool heater such as the surface area of the pool, the size of the gas line from the meter to the heater, the distance of the run from the meter to the heater, the size or capacity of the gas meter, etc. Proper sizing is a must if your heater is to run at optimum standards.

What size wire do you need to run 220V 60 amp service about 100 ft to your pool heater?

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What size of gas pool heater do you need for a pool that is 15ft wide 35ft long and 5 ft deep?


What size water heater tank do I need for a 1650 sq ft home?

I would fit a 60 gallon tank.

20 acres 600 ft wide how long is it?

One Acre is 43,560 sq ft. Area of a rectangle is l (length) x w (width). Given the have 20 acres or 20x43,560 which is 871,200 sq ft. If one side is 600 ft long then the other is 871,200/600 or 1,452 ft long. Your parcel is then 600 ft by 1,452 ft or 871,200 sq ft which is 20 acres. Hope this helps!

What is the equivalent of 600 meters in feet?

600 m = 1968.5 ft

How many miles is 600 ft?

600 feet=0.113636364 miles

How many ft is 600 meters?

There are 1,968.503 feet in 600 meters.

What size direct vent furnace for a of 600 sq ft?

Depends on manufacturer recommendation; read the box or brochure for the furnaces you are considering.

How many Linear feet is 600 square feet?

600 sq. feet can be any length on one side. These are two different measures, the first being distance the second area. example: 30 ft x 20 ft is 600 sq. ft. 1800 feet x 4 inches (1/3 ft.) is also 600 sq. ft.

600 meters equal how many feet?

600 meters = 1,968.5 feet.Direct Conversion Formula 600 m*1 ft0.3048 m=1,968.503937 ft

How many acres is 900 ft x 600 ft?


How many ft are there in 200 yd?

200 yd = 600 ft