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20,000 square feet is 0.46 acres.

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Q: What size lot is 100 by 200 feet?
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What is the size of a 100 car parking lot?

200 by 300 feet

What is the lot size of 20000 square feet?

The dimensions could be 200 ft by 100 ft. or 400ft by 50 ft.

How big is a city lot?

The size of a city lot will vary depending on location. The standard size of a city lot is 25 feet wide by 100 feet in depth.

How big is a lot that is 40 feet X 100 feet?

If the lot has 90 degree angles between sides, the size of a 40' x 100' lot is 4,000 square feet or 0.092 acres.

What is lot size of 10000 sq ft?

100' x 100' if it's perfectly square. 125 feet by 80 feet will also give 10,000 square feet, as will 250 feet by 40 feet.

How much is 200 feet x 325 feet as acre or lot size?

43,560 square feet = 1 acre200' x 325' = 65,000 square feet = 1.492 acres

A 25 ft pole is attached at the corner of a parking lot that is 100 feet by 200 feet and a rope is attached from the opposite corner How long is the rope?

About 224 feet I believe.

What portion of an acre is 50 x 100 lot size?

5000 square feet is 0.11 of an acre.

What is 200 square meter land lot in feet?

2,152.78 square feet.

What is the calculation of an acre?

An acre was originally defined as the size of a plot of land that can be tilled by one man behind one ox in one day, and measures 66 feet by 660 feet, for a total of 43,560 square feet.[1] In modern times, an "acre" is considered a square building lot of size 200 x 200 feet, however, this is really 8% shy of an acre. A real acre square lot would measure 208' 81/2" square.

How many acres is 150 feet wide by 200 feet long?

An acre is 400 sq ft. So, divide the size of the lot (in square feet) by the # of sq ft in an acre and... voila!... the size of your lot in acres! 150ft*200ft = 30000sq ft 30000 sq ft / 42000 sq ft = .71 Acres

What is the perimeter around 200 acres?

A square-shaped 200-acre lot has a perimeter of 11,806.4 feet.