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Q: What size tablecloth for table for square table for 4?
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What size tablecloth for a 6' x 2' table?

A 4 x 8 tablecloth would be suitable.

How much fabric is needed to make a round 102 inch tablecloth?

1 of 5 Measure the diameter of your table. 2 of 5 Add the diameter of the table to twice the table's height if you want a floor-length tablecloth. 3 of 5 Add the diameter of the table to twice the desired length if you want a shorter tablecloth. (Measure the distance from the edge of the table to the desired length.) 4 of 5 Add 1 1/2 inches to your measurements to allow for a 3/4-inch hem around the bottom of the tablecloth. 5 of 5 Use this figure for both length and width of the material you will need.

What size dining room table should I buy for a family of 5?

You're going to want a 4-6 person round or square table depending on the size of your dining area. Possibly something like this

How to Use a Tablecloth?

There are a variety of tablecloth sizes depending on the usage. A tablecloth can be used for a formal occasion or a picnic. Buying the correct size and style depends on the occasion it is being used. One of the more attractive types of tablecloths are those used for formal occasions. In fact, two are used; a vinyl tablecloth on the bottom and the fancy lace tablecloth on top. Generally, this type of tablecloth usage is when the table is made of wood. The plastic tablecloths placed directly on top of the wood, protects it from drinks that might spill. Tablecloths can be bought at most department stores, or at a dollar store. Paper tablecloths are used on top of a wooden outdoor table generally found outdoors and used for picnics or children’s birthday parties. 1. Buy the type of tablecloth required for the occasion. Some tablecloths are made out of paper. There are usually matching paper napkins that can be bought at the same time. Some of the paper tablecloths might also have matching paper plates and paper cups. These are great for the outdoor usage. 2. Look for the tablecloths that are vinyl. The bottom is made out of a soft fuzzy material so it does not mar the top of the table. The exterior is washable and can be reused dozens of times. Make sure that it dries completely after being washed before folding it for storing. The plastic on top can easily crack when it dries. 3. Make sure to use the correct width and length of a formal tablecloth. Measure the table top before buying it. If you have a table that extends in length, open the entire table and measure the width and the length tablecloth needed. 4. Make sure that you do not spill drinks on the formal tablecloth especially if it is white. Many will stain if grape-juice or wine drip on it. Read the cleaning instructions when you buy the formal tablecloth and find out how to remove a stain if it does occur. Buy a cheap plastic tablecloth to use on the grass when going on a picnic in the park. Toss it on a level spot and place the food bowls on top. If one is not enough, use two. Buy a picnic tablecloth in various colors and enjoy a fun picnic with the kids or friends.

Is 16 the only square number in the 4 times table?

No. 4x1 is 2x2, which is a square number.

How page table size calculate when virtual address space and page size and page table entry size given?

To calculate the page table size, divide virtual address space by page size and multiply by page table entry size. Example: for a 120MB address space with a 4KB page size, you require 30,720 page table entries. If a page table entry is 4 bytes, you require a total page table size of 122,880 or 120KB.

A rectangle table has an area of 4/5 square meter . The length of the table is 8/3?


What is the length of each side of the table when the perimeter of a square table is 12 feet?

It is: 12/4 = 3 feet

A polygon with 4 sides are the same size?


If a table top has 4 side all angles are 90 degrees what is the?

Square? :)

What is the perimeter of a square table with sides of 50In?

4*50 in = 200 inches.

What is the circumference if a table is 4' across?

Assuming the table is circular and not square or rectangle. C=pi*D So C= 3.1415926535897932384626433832795 * 4 = 12.566370614359172 ft.