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In conduit? direct burial? distance?

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Q: What size wire do you need going from a 20KW 83A generator to the main 200A automatic transfer switch?
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How do you power a whole house with one generator?

Use a generator with a high enough rating to power the house, of course. Trying to power a house that draws 60A of current with a 10A generator is just never going to work.

Light not going when switching off?

if light is not going off, bad switch or short in wiring to light!!

How can the variation of excitation of an alternator be used to control power factor?

When a generator is connected to a load it is never going to be perfectly matched because of its inductance, when you have inductance the current starts to lag.

How do you disconnect a light switch and outlet that are tied together?

If there is a black wire going from the outlet to the switch and the other side of the switch goes back to the outlet then just cut these wires and connect supply wire directly to outlet. If the supply goes to the switch first, disconnect from switch and connect the two wires with a wire-nut. Some situations only switch one of the two outlets in a duplex device. Do the same thing, but also replace the outlet since the strapping between both outlets has been removed.

How do you wire a 4way switch?

Connect all white wires together under a wire nut and push them back into the box. Connect all ground wires together and then connect them with a jumper wire to the ground screw on the switch. Connect black power in and power out, if applicable, wires to the bottom screw on the switch. Connect the remaining black wire going to the light to the top screw on the switch.

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Where is the transfer case vacuum switch on a 1999 Dodge Ram?

on top of the transfer case. You should see 4 vacuum lines going to the top of the switch

How am I going to turn the backup generator on?

The backup generator for home and garden needs may have a button or switch depending on the model. Look in the owners manual for safety reasons and more information.

What is going to happen when you repeat this experiment on self DC generator?

What is going to happen when you repeat this experiment on self D.C generator?

What could cause the automatic water level shut-off on the washing machine to not work?

It is an air pressure switch that closes an electrical switch to stop the water. The hose going to it may be cracked or loose, the diaphragm in it may be bad or the electrical switch is bad.

How could you find out why a 1996 Thunderbird's headlights are going on and off?

You might have automatic lights. The sensor is on top of the dash on the left side. If you have that there is a switch to turn it off.

Do you need to remove the drive shaft prior to towing a 1987?

If it has an automatic transmission and it doesn't have a transfer case which can be put into a neutral position, the most likely answer is going to be yes.

How do you get the automatic windows to work on a 2002 Impala The switch will buzz but there is no power going to the other switches or to the motors?

The drivers side switch is the master switch; all power goes thru this switch. Pop it out and test for power; you may just have a bad connection at the switch. I would also check the window lock switch and bypass it to make sure that is not the problem.

How do you switch out an automatic transmission with a manual transmission on a 1992 Toyota Paseo?

You don't if you're going to drive it on the street, it's cheaper to buy one with a manual transmission.

What is described as an automatic switch that acts as a safeguard in an electric current?

A fuse is a piece of metal or a resistor that fails when the electrical current going through it exceeds a safe level

Standby Generator?

form_title= Standby Generator form_header= Keep the power going in your home with a standby generator. What is the square footage of your home?*= _ [50] Are you replacing an old generator?*= () Yes () No What is your budget for a generator?*= _ [50]

How do you stop the automatic door locks from going off and on?

It depends on which vehicle you are speaking of. There are usually specific instructions in your owners manual for this. It usually involves using the ignition switch and your remote.

What could be wrong with the backup lights if is not the fuses or bulbs?

Try checking the neutral safety switch. This switch is the one in automatic transmissions that makes the backup lights "flip" on when going from park to drive as you go through the gears. When my neutral safety switch shorted my backup lights stayed on constantly.