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You need to be patient and able to observe well because an animal can't tell you whats wrong. You have to be able to go through the 8 years of school.

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this is for a school progect so this is so helpful thx

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Q: What skills do you need to be a vet?
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What education and training does a vet need?

a vet need's a profetional vet to train with

What interests do you need to become a vet'?

There is no one magic formula of personality, interests and skills that you need to be a veterinarian. In general, good communication skills and enjoying working with people helps (no dog ever came walking into a vet clinic by itself carrying a checkbook and asking to be examined). Also, good time management skills, good organization skills, interest in solving puzzles and investigating, and overall helpful personality can help.

What are some transferable skills of being a vet?

Ummmm.....well i think you need to be caring and take pleasure in your occupation and be willing to take chances!

What skills will I learn in my vet tech traing program?

Vet tech training programs teach skills that will assist a vet. They will how to take samples; examine animals; assist in surgeries; perform radiography tests; examinations; and nursing care.

What type of science skills you need to be a vet?

Know everything about animals, have a really high level in science, love animals and treat them well good.

Why do vet tech need good people skills?

Vet tech HAVE to have AMAZING people skills because, when they have to talk to the owner about a pet. they have to re main calm if somthing tragic happend and most importantly the clinte needs to be able to trust u with they animal cuz ur taking care of them not the vet u r going to be the one who is feeding them taking them out cleaning there cage etc

Where can you obtain training for becoming a vet?

how to becaome a vet and wat educaition and training you need to become a vet how to becaome a vet and wat educaition and training you need to become a vet yofyfyufikliuop[;'#

Vets special skills they need?

you need pet carriers, dental equipment, xray machines, vaccinations, etc.The above lists only equipment.Special skills include:Devotion towards animalsPatienceIntelligenceWillingness to keep studying and keeping up with changes in the world of Vet scienceGood people skills and compassion, for dealing with worried pet owners

What are 5 computer skills a vet assistant should have?

Vet assistants should possess many different skills to perform their wide range of tasks. Five computer skills all vet assistants should possess include operating of record keeping software, scheduling software, computer based accounting skills, patient chart creation and retrieval, as well as computer research.

How do you tell a neighbor see need to take her dog to the vet?

By saying "you need to take your dog to a vet"

Why would you need to have a vet deliver puppies?

No, not unless you anticipate complications. However the puppies will need their shots so you do need to be registered with a vet.

Do chinchillas need to go to the vet?

They do not need to go on annual vet visits like dogs or cats, but when they do get sick they need medical attention, and with some illnesses, they need to get a vet very quickly because they can go downhill very quickly.