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Soda can or cylinder

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Q: What solid figure has two flat faces and a curved surface?
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Which solid figure has the fewest faces?

The tetrahedron has only four faces. A sphere has only one, but that's probably not what you meant since the surface of a sphere is curved.

What is the edge on a solid figure?

The edge is a line - straight or curved - where two faces of the solid meet.

How many faces does a Solid cone have?

2 Faces ( 1 Base and 1 Curved surface )

What is a figure that has two circular bases and one curved surface?

Cylinder - a solid figure formed by two congruent parallel circles joined by a curved surface.

A solid figure which has both a flat and a curved surface?

A cylinder or a cone. Or a hemisphere.

The total area of all faces of a solid figure?

surface area

What is the flat surface of a solid figure?

The flat surface of a solid figure is called a face. For example, a rectangular prism has 6 flat surfaces and therefore 6 faces.

What does the word surface area mean?

surface are of a shape means is the total area of the faces and curved surface of a solid figure.kellie edwards.

What is the curved surface of a solid figure one of the polygons that make up a polyhedron?


What is a solid figure without any bases and only one curved surface?


What are faces and edges and vertices?

A face, of a solid object, is a flat surface. If it is curved it is called a curved surface though sometimes it is also referred to as a face. Two faces meet at an edge, which is a line which may be straight or curved. Three or more faces meet at a point which is a vertex.

What is a flat surface on a solid figure?

A face is the flat surface on a solid figure. For example, a triangular prism has five flat surfaces and therefore five faces.

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