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Any sort of prism.

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Q: What solid shape has more vertices than faces?
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Which geometric shape has 2 more vertices than faces?

A cube is a geometric shape which has 6 faces and 8 vertices ie .2 more vertices than faces

Which has more sides a shape with six vertices or a shape with seven vertices?

The number of vertices does not determine the number of faces. If the shape with 6 vertices was a quadrilateral based bipyramid, it would have 8 faces. A hexagonal based pyramid has 7 vertices and 7 faces. So more vertices does not necessarily imply more faces.

Which shape has more faces than vertices?

the answer is cylinder

What shape has 6 faces 6 vertices and 9 edges?

The shape would be impossible. The faces and vertices have to add up to two more than the edges.

Which solid has two or more vertices than faces?

Rectangular Prism

What is the name of a corner on a solid where three or more faces meet?

A vertex is the name of a corner on a solid where three or more faces meet (plural = vertices).

What solid shape has more than five faces?

A Rectangle

How many more vertices than faces has a cube?

A cube has 8 vertices and 6 faces. Therefore a cube has 2 more vertices than faces.

What are edges vertices faces?

Three dimensional objects have edges, vertices and faces. A face is a plane surface which forms a boundary of the shape. Two faces meet along a line which is an edge. Three or more faces meet at a point which is a vertex.

Shape with 12 edges 6 faces 8 vertices?

A cube or a cuboid has 12 edges, 6 faces and 8 vertices.* * * * *or the more general shape: a parallelepiped.A rectangular prism, for one. A cube is a specialized case of this, where all 6 faces are congruent squares.

What kind of polyhedra has more faces than vertices?

Bipyramids are a class of polyhedra with more faces than vertices.

Why is a hexahedron considered a polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a solid shape with four or more polygonal faces. A hexahedron is a solid shape with six polygonal faces and so is a particular type of polyhedron.

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