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Who know maybe round and round by Selena Gomez I don't know

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Q: What song has the lyrics up down round and round?
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What soul song has the lyrics up and down round and round in it?

it's not really a SOUL song.. but there's the Peppermint Twist: Round and round, up and down round and round, up and down 1-2-3 kick 1-2-3 jump WEEEELLLL we got a new dance, and it goes like this: shoo bee do bah, shoo bee doo bee doo bah

Is there a way to have your computer write down the lyrics of a song while it's being played because I recorded a song without writing the lyrics down and I now I need the lyrics?

There is no way for a computer to write down the lyrics to a song that is playing. If you wanted to get the lyrics, you could search online for the song name and find the lyrics for the song you are looking for there. Though, if you don't know the song name, you could always look up a verse that you remember and then find the rest of the song that way.

What song has the lyrics build you up and then tear you down?

Nelly Furtado - Build You Up

What is song call with the lyrics head going up an down legs going up and down?

dat boy hot- up and down

What is the name of the song with these lyrics your hot and your cold your yes and your no your in and your out your up and your down?

hot n cold

What song lyrics I am hot your cold you go round like you know who i am but you dont you got me on my toes?

Burning Up by the Jonas Brothers.

Where can one find the lyrics of the song 'Build Me Up Buttercup'?

There are many places where the lyrics for the Foundations song Build Me Up Buttercup can be found. Sites that provide lyrics include: AZ Lyrics, Metro Lyrics MP3 Lyrics and Song Meanings.

Where can an individual find Burning Up Lyrics?

A to Z Lyrics, Metro Lyrics, Lyrics, Yahoo Lyrics, and Song Meanings are all places where an individual can go in order to find the lyrics for the song 'Burning Up'.

What are the lyrics for the song Whine Up?

The full lyrics to the song 'Whine Up' can be found on Metro Lyrics. Some of the lyrics for the song are: "It's Summertime! Ladies lookin' hot Shakin' up what they got Elephant man an kat c'mon!"

What is the name of the song with the lyrics down in the dirty we rollin'?

look up "Down in the Dirty" by Tony Hatchett aka Pretty Tony

What song has the following lyrics Are you ready to party are you ready to go Turn the music up loud and the lights down low?

Lights Down Music Loud

Where are some of the places that one can lyrics for the song Up On The Housetop?

There are a number of websites where one can find the lyrics to the Christmas song Up On The Housetop including Lyrics Mania, Cowboy Lyrics, Lyrics Freak and Metro Lyrics.