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If she's coasted down the hill at some speed, then she'll be carrying kinetic energy at the bottom of the hill.

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Q: What sort of energy does she have at the bottom of the hill before she applies her brakes?
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How law of conservation of energy applies to everyday basis?

It applies in the sense that you can NEVER get energy where there was none before, and you can NEVER destroy energy completely.

What is the energie that can be changed but not lost or destroyed?

That applies to energy in general.That applies to energy in general.That applies to energy in general.That applies to energy in general.

Bicycle brakes energy conversion?

Brakes turn kinetic energy into heat.

What do brakes do?

A vehicals brakes convert kinetic energy into thermal energy through friction and dissipate the thermal energy into the atmosphere

What is the momentum of marbles after collision?

Same as before the collision. This applies whether the collision was elastic (no loss of kinetic energy) or inelastic (some kinetic energy lost).

When you put on the brakes of a bicycle friction causes some of the mechanical energy of the brakes to change to thermal energy?


What type of energy is found in brakes?

Heat energy

The law of conservation of energy applies-?

The law of conservation of energy applies in physical sciences, and states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

When a moving train stops kinetic energy is changed to which kind of energy?

Heat, from the friction in the brakes.

Energy transformation in automobile brakes?

Kinetic energy ----> Heat

How The Law of Conservation of Energy Applies To Energy?

in closed systems

Energy in the form of moition is?

The energy you put into something to make it move at a steady speed is called KINETIC ENERGY. It's the Kinetic Energy of a car that makes the brakes hot when you try to stop. The kinetic energy of the moving car becomes heat in the brakes of the stationary car which has lost its kinetic energy. There are two ways to get a car to the top of a hill. One is to start at the bottom and drive the car to the top and then stop again. This way, the engine pushed the car up the hill. The other way is to start a long way before the hill and build up speed along a flat road. Then you can turn off the engine and the car will coast to the top of the hill before it stops. This way, the engine put a lot of Kinetic Energy into the weight of the car before it got to the hill, and it was that Kinetic Energy which was used to get the car up the hill.