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Q: What specific types of math do dermatologists use?
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What types of tools or measuring devices do you use related to math?

No devices use for measuring in math. In math we cannot measure we just calculate.

What types of math use the Pythagorean theorem?

You meet it first in Geometry. But as you go on and grow in Math, you find that virtually all types do.

How does a Chemist use Algebra?

You use it in a lot of the math. More advanced math the higher you go, and physical chemists tend to use more math than other types.

What do dermatologists use for equipment?

they use lasers&nail cutters i think

What type of math do we use today?

Today, we study many types of math. When you ascend to different grade levels, you are taught more types of math. Examples are: Algebra Calculus Geometry etc.

How do you use accelerated math at home?

To do accelerated math at home, you can get ideas on various websites. Accelerated math is going to be different types of math for different children.

What types of math are used by Chemists?

To become a chemist you need a wide range of talents, but the main types of math that they use are probobly Algebra, trig, and Calculus.

What is the relationship between reasoning and mathematics?

To solve math problems you must use reasoning. Some types of reasoning has nothing to do with math.

What kind of math does an Architect use?

Architects tend to use all types of math, but one main math used is Geometry. Architects must understand how slopes, intercepts and other terms found in geometry.

What types of math do carpenters use?

Mostly geometry, adding, subtracting fractions and decimals.

What types of jobs use math?

There are many such as: maths teachers, accountants, engineers and architects.  

When do you use mean mode and median in math?

to work out various different types of averages