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Set the treadmill at 6.6 mph

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Q: What speed should you run on a treadmill to get a distance of 2.2 miles in around 20 minutes?
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How often I should I use my treadmill and for how long?

You should use your treadmill on a regular basis. You should use it every day if possible. You should use the treadmill for twenty to thirty minutes.

How long should you run on the treadmill?

The longer the better! At least 30 minutes because you should exercise an hour a day.

What speed should the treadmill be set on to run 2 miles in 21 minutes?

It should be set at 6 miles per hour. This will give a time of 20 minutes for two miles.

Can a 13 year old use a treadmill?

It is perfectly fine for a 13 year old to use a treadmill. They should exercise as long as they normally would with other sports, about 20 to 30 minutes.

Can the treadmill get rid of love handles?

Yes but only if you run, sprint or walk briskly for at least 30-60 minutes a day. Also having the treadmill set on a steep incline doesn't hurt. Starting out you should do 30 minutes but then you will want to bump it up to 60 minutes a day. Maybe 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon/evening. You want to elevate your heart rate and a good rule of thumb is if you can carry on an intelligent or comfortable conversation while on the treadmill you aren't working hard enough.

How long should you run on a treadmill to run a mile?

This depends on the speed setting, on most modern treadmills you can see the distance you ran.

Where is a good place I could get a treadmill motor for?

You should call the manufacture company about ordering a part for your treadmill machine. You should call the manufacture company about ordering a part for your treadmill machine. You should call the manufacture company about ordering a part for your treadmill machine.

Is it dangerous to use a treadmill?

Using a treadmill should be anything but dangerous if used with caution and care. If you follow the instructions correctly you should find using a treadmill is completely safe.

When driving you should always measure your following distance in?

Car lengths

What should you set the treadmill at to run a 9 minute mile?

Set the treadmill at 7 mph.

How long should you walk on a treadmill?

It depends what you are aiming for. Do you just want to become physically fitter or do you want to lose weight?For example, I run for around 8 minutes on 5-5.2,then I switch to 4 speed 2 incline for 10 minutes,then I run on 5 speed for another 2-3 minutes,then I switch to 10 incline 3.5-3.8 speed for 7 minutes,then back to 4 speed on 4 incline for 5 minutes.For information about how to lose weight walking on a treadmill, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

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Depending on where your going.. but it should take around 1hr and 30 minutes or so..

If a treadmill reads 6 point 6 for how fast am I running what is my mph And how do you know?

Straight off, there's no way of knowing. you could have the reading in MPH, KPH, minutes-per-mile, minutes-per-kilometer. There should be something to indicate which setting it is. If you can figure out which make & model the treadmill is you might be able to do a net search for a manual.

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What is the distance in miles from rotorua New Zealand to wellington New Zealand?

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How long should you go on the treadmill to lose 10 pounds?

You should exercise on the treadmill a half hour to an hour every day for a month in order to lose ten pounds. Results will vary depending on how fast you go on the treadmill.

How many miles does it take in 12 minutes at 35 mph?

35 miles in 1 hour or 60 minutes 12 minutes is 1/5th of an hour so in 12 minutes the distance traveled should also be 1/5th of the distance traveled in 60 minutes which is 7 miles

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What features should I consider if I want to buy a treadmill?

Before you buy a treadmill, you need to consider your budget and what you can afford for a quality treadmill. The following website provides answers to your questions about buying a treadmill:

How long should you walk on the treadmill to burn fat fast?

It depends on your body weight/ age, but usually after 30 minutes of intense activity your body begins burn fat.

Should you warm up on the treadmill before weights?

no, you should stretch instead

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How long should you be on a treadmill?

A Woman should be on a treadmill for about 1hur and a male should be on a treadmill for 3hurs And a teen should be on it fot about 15-30 mins . By Saydie x Stay on the treadmill for as long as you can take it, I say. If you have any conditions or problems with limbs or bones, you should ask your doctor how long your body will be stable in a workout and specify with treadmill. But if you don't have any problems, just keep running until you feel you should stop. Don't push yourself too hard in the beginning, and stay on a little longer or turn up the speed only a little bit each time you work out.

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