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You have to measure the wheels outer circumference, in mm's, then enter that number into the speedometer.

1. Place a strip of tape on the ground, draw a line on it.

2. Place the wheel over the line, align the wheels inner-tube valve with that line.

3. Roll the wheel one complete revolution, mark that spot under the inner-tube valve onto another strip of tape, and measure the distance between those two lines on each strip of tape.

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Q: What speedometer code for 26 inch wheel on bike?
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How much does a bike peddle for a bike with a 24 inch wheel?

Something missing from the question, try again.

What is better 26 inch wheels or 24 inch wheels on a jump bike?

All things being equal, a 24" wheel will be stronger sideways than a 26" wheel.

What is the size difference between a kids 20 inch bike and a mens 20 inch bike?

The size of a child's bike ranges from a 12 inch wheel size for ages 2-5 to a 24 inch wheel size for youth ages. Usually a child with a height of 28-38 inches will need a 12 inch wheel size while a child that is 48-60 inches tall will need a wheel size of 20-24 inches.

Which bike should you think of purchasing for an active 9 year old?

The bike that you should think of buying an active 9 year old is a 24-inch wheel bike.

Can a 26 inch bike frame use a 27 inch tire?

MAYBE - , frame size has nothing to do with tire size. Style does, and if its a mountain bike, it will not work with a 27 (road racing) wheel and tire. Brakes will not fit.

Where can you get a front wheel only for a boys 24 inch bike?

A bicycle store should be able to sell one to you, or you can order one online. Single wheel 24 inch isn't hugely popular, so you might have to do a bit of searching.

What do the sizes on a mountain bike refer to?

the overall frame size. not specific to wheel size, as most mtb wheels are 26 inch.

How much will the speedometer change if you go from a 15 inch rim to a 14 inch rim?

It wont. They will only change when you increase/decrease the size dramatically as the wheel or tire. A one inch change wont make a difference.A more accurate answerIt's true that the size of the rim does not directly have any impact on the speedometer accuracy. But changing the rim size generally means that you'll be changing the size of the tire. The speedometer is directly affected by the circumference of the tire that is used. If you use a tire with a 10% larger circumference, the speedometer will indicate that you're going 10% slower than you really are. If you match the circumference of the 14 inch tire to the circumference of the 15 inch tire, the speedometer accuracy will not change.

How does replacing 15 inch wheels with 16 inch wheels affect speedometer reading?

The speedometer reading differences should be negligible if you spec the tyres according to the manufacturer's manual because the tyre profile for a 15" wheel would have been fatter than that of 16" for the same car. The meter is calibrated to the inflated tyre mounted on the wheel and the reading is a close approximate of the actual speed only.

Which bike should you buy for your nine year old son?

The bike that you should buy for your nine year old son is that with a 20-inch wheel with suspension forks and adequate front suspension.

How many spokes are on a 26 inch bike wheel?

This completely depends on the wheel. The most common number of spokes per wheel is 36. Some better wheels have 32. Higher performance wheels have even less.

What is the best price you can get on a Shwin 24 inch bike?

The best price you can get for a 24 inch Schwinn bike is $202.43.