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It is 144 square feet.

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Q: What square foot is a room that's 12x12?
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Related questions

How many square feet in a 12 foot by 12 foot room?

144 12x12

How many 12x12 tiles for a 3x12 room?

A 3x12 room is 36 square feet. This means that to fill the floor in the 3x12 room, it will take 36 tiles that are each 1 square foot (12x12) in size.

Square foot of a 12x12 room?

If it's a 12'X12' room then it's 144 sq. ft.

How many square feet of carpeting are needed to carpet a 12x12 foot room?

144 !

How many 12X12 tiles do you need for a 123 square foot room?

123 will cover it. Get extras.

How many suare feet to cover a room 12x12 with 9 foot ceilings?

144 square feet.

How many square feet are in a 12x12 foot room?

144 square feet. Just multiply length by width - the answer is the square footage.

How many square feet do you need to cover 12x12 foot room?

Multiply the two dimensions to get the area. The calculation will give you 144 square feet.

How many 12x12 tiles do you need for a 15'x20' room?

If you're talking floor tiles as opposed to wall tiles and by 12x12 you mean they are 12 inches square, then the answer is 300. Because each tile is one square foot and a 15'x20' room is 300 square feet. Simple, eh?

How many 12x12 square tiles do you need for a 375 square feet room?


How many 12x12 tiles do you need for a 585 sq foot room?


How much will 144 square feet cover?

it will cover a 12x12 room

What is the equation and square feet of a 12x12 room?

144 sq ft

How many 12x12 tiles are need for 126 sq feet room?

Each tile is one square foot. So you need 126 of them, but allow for spoilage.

How much square feet is 12x12 room?

144 square feet (12 x 12 = 144).

What size room is a 250 square foot room?

250 square foot

What is the average price for bamboo flooring?

Bamboo flooring is a great option. Here are the average costs you were looking for: Usually range from $4 to $6 a square foot. For a 12x12 room it may cost anywhere from $575 to $865. Most expensive runs $13 or more a square foot.

How many square feet are there in a room that measures 12x12?

A room that measures 12 x 12 is 144 sq ft.

If your room is 12 feet by 12 feet how many square feet is this?

12x12= 144 sqft

How many square feet are in a room that 12x12?

Answer = 12 ft x 12 ft = 144 sq ft

How many square feet in a 12x12 bedroom?

You multiply the width by the length to get the area. In this case the answer would be 144 square feet in the room.

What is the square foot of a room 4 foot by 7 foot?


What is the square foot of a 10 foot by 8 foot ROOM?


How many square in a room 5 foot by 12 foot?

60 square feet

What is the square feet of a 12x12 room?

To find the square feet of a room, multiply the length times the width. 12 feet X 12 feet = 144 square feet.